Winnipeg Jets Announce Broadcast Agreement with TSN

Posted by Michael Remis in General Jets News,Press Conferences,Winnipeg Jets on August 31, 2011 — 4 Comments

This afternoon True North Sports & Entertainment, announced their 10-year agreement with Bell Media to broadcast Winnipeg Jets on the new “TSN Jets” TV channel and Sports Radio 1290 for radio. Specific details of the agree had been leaked for some time, making the press conference was a formality.

TSN President Stewart Johnston

Here are the major points of the press conference

  • TSN to deliver live coverage of 60+ Jets games on a regional channel to fans in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, parts of Northern Ontario, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut
  • TSN Jets will be made available to television service providers in the Jets broadcast region
  • The channel will launch September 20, and has been confirmed to air on Bell TV on Channel 1423 in HD, and Channel 423 in SD
  • Sports Radio 1290 obtains exclusive radio broadcast rights to all Jets games including playoffs and pre-season games
  • Manitoba’s Dennis Beyak and Brian Munz named play-by-play voices of the Jets
  • Mike Johnson and Brian Engblom will share analyst duties for television
  • Recently retired NHLer Shane Hnidy will be the radio analyst
  • Winnipeg’s Sara Orlesky to lead newly launched TSN Winnipeg Bureau

Listen to the full press conference 

  • Anonymous

    Will the NHL Centre Ice package allow a person out of market (Calgary) to see those TSN Jets games? On the NHL CI website, they only state that they’re showing 40 games/week. I’ve never subscribed to Centre Ice before. Comments?

  • Yes I believe that the Centre Ice package will allow teams to see Winnipeg Jets games. However, I don’t know how it works in regards to offering home or away broadcasts for specific games. If you have the online package available at they do let you choose, however I don’t know if cable providers have the capacity to offer. We’ll have to ask former contributor Neil Rockman how it works on Bell

  • It strikes me as odd that both MTS and Shaw, which IMHO have a larger MANITOBA subscriber base than Bell, would be left out of the mix.  Weird.

  • Anonymous

    TSN Jets is a SCAM Paying for regional games? Van city would riot if any cable TV station did this to them. Also if we the comsumers of this product are paying said fee we should of atleast had a say in who we want on TV and its not Dennis Bayek. Bring Curt home