5 responses to “Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers”

  1. Pretty quiet night for the Jets’ 1st rd pick..

  2. Timm says:

    “While the Cup Finals are a ways off, we need to shrug off the mantle of ‘underdog’ and assume our rightful place as the kids who deserve to be there along with Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa.”

    Has the Winnipeg Free Press watched NHL hockey over the last few seasons?

  3. Luke Miguez says:

    I’m amused by Oilers fans who think Nugent-Hopkins should be in the NHL this season.  They apparently have learned nothing from Sam Gagner’s experience with being rushed.

  4. ICdave says:

    Hey Timm,

    I meant that comment in reference to the city of Winnipeg, not the Winnipeg Jets.  

  5. Anonymous says:

    Having the Whale back would be great, if only for “Brass Bonanza.”

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