Will the Winnipeg Jets make the playoffs? Test your powers of prognostication.

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This week both Rich and Ez gave their own takes on why they thought the Winnipeg Jets would or wouldn’t make it to the 2011/12 playoffs, both of which you can read here:

Ezra’s 5 Reasons Why the Jets will make the playoffs.

Richard’s 5 Reasons Why the Jets will not make the playoffs.

Each guy took a look at a variety of factors and came to their respective conclusions.  While I can see both sides of their argument the beauty of sports and why athletes play the game is that for all the predictions and expectations you can’t ever anticipate exactly how a season will play out.

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The Tampa Bay Lightning improved from 12th in 2009/10 to 5th last season and were 1 game away from the Stanley Cup Finals.  Do I think the Jets have the depth at forward to make that sort of leap?  Not yet, but it’s also too early to end the season before it has started.  Remember that the former Atlanta Thrashers began last season on quite the run and perhaps as Ezzy said, you shouldn’t ever count out the impact the Whiteout could have on this team.

Regardless of whether or not this team makes the playoffs, as a fan you can’t help but be excited about the fact that you are going to be watching your team playing in 82 NHL games next season.

So far you’ve read two of our writer’s takes on what the 2011/12 Jets season could look like.  We want to know what your expectations are.  Would you be extremely disappointed if the Jets don’t make the playoffs?  Or would you simply be happy to watch a team based in Winnipeg playing in the NHL, knowing that it might be a few years before they make noise in April, May and June?  Sound off in the comments.

  • Put me down as someone who is just excited to watch all the Jets games, both in the stands and on the tv.  If they make the playoffs great, but if not, I’m not overly concerned as I’m fine with the long term vision of True North.

  • Anonymous

    I with Kenny about being mega excited about NHL hockey being back in Winnipeg. I do think the Jets have a great shot at making the playoffs. last season the Thrashers sh*t the bed in the second half, but the first half they were a playoff calibre team. This team is not the thrashers! True North changed this team’s identity.

  • Anonymous

    Given the fact that most of last year’s playoff teams in the East improved themselves, some of them quite dramatically, not to mention the brief hiatus from the NHL in the ‘Peg, I think just being here is more than half the fun.

  • The 2011-12 Winnipeg Jets have a higher chance of landing the first overall pick then they do of making the playoffs.  This team just lacks top 6 depth all over the place, and with a couple of injuries suddenly we end up with fourth liners like Glass and Thorburn potentially jammed into lines with Kane and Burmistrov.  

    Quite frankly we don’t want to make the playoffs this year.  If we aren’t gunning for a cup run then there’s no point in nipping the 8th spot and then getting driven into the ground 4-0 by Washington, just to end up with a mid-round draft pick in the 2012 draft.  Ideally a good year for us is where we finish around where we did last season, but we get obvious signs of improvement and progression amongst our young players.

  • Johan Heinrichs

    I don’t have high hopes for playoffs this year (would be a pleasant suprise), but our team is young and building toward a strong team in the next 3 years.  I like the direction they are going.

  • Anonymous

    Off topic, but what do you guys think about the Jets offering Owen Nolan a contract if he doesnt make the Canucks? Knock his age all you want, but it has been proven that old guys can be impact players (Recchi). Nolan can play either wing, is a decent PP guy and fits the gritty style the Jets will play. The guy was more than a point per game player last year in Europe and scored 25 goals 2 years ago.

  • He has apparently, at least in the past, been a negative dressing room presence.

  • Agreed.  Would be even better if the likes of Hainsey, Oduya and Antropov played well enough to get something of value for any/all of them via trade.

  • I agree with you both. 🙂

  • Do we want him eating into ice time of a young player? Unless they are making a serious playoff run I don’t see a point in adding a veteran. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m not expecting the playoffs in this adjustment year but I also don’t expect to finish low enough to get a lottery pick. They’ll play with heart but are adjusting to what is the equivalent of the majority of the team being traded as they all need to adjust to a new city, new coaches & their system & new management.
    We start with enough talent we don’t have to do the “Dive for 5” or “Fall for Hall” scenarios. This will probably be an assessment year & the changes need will follow.
    By next season strengths & weaknesses will be noted & adjustments made. TN doesn’t do the knee-jerk fast fix but seem to prefer to build a winner.
    Have a little patience. We didn’t get the powerhouse Denver inherited but we also didn’t start with what was left of the original Jets after the other teams left us with the bare bones of a winner as the price to join the NHL. Our guys will strive for wins & the infusion of talent in the next year or so will give us a team that will always be a contender.

  • Gotta agree that Hainsey, Oduya and Antropov should all be considered as movable at or before the deadline.

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