Nightly Hockey Hits

Posted by Ezra Ginsburg in Daily Papers,Nightly Hockey Hits on August 3, 2011 — 3 Comments

It’s still pretty quiet in hockey land but here are a few articles to feed your late-night hunger:

NYI Point Blank: Chris Botta writes that the Islanders have friends in Queens. Do these friends have hundreds of millions of dollars to buy a hockey team and build a new arena? Let’s hope so or this team is moving to Quebec!! Just kidding!!

Ottawa Citizen: Top Senators prospects head to world junior evaluation camps.The Senators future looks promising with the likes of Mika Zibanejad (Sweden), Mark Stone, Matt Puempel (Canada) and Jakub Culek (Czech Republic).

Hockey Prospectus: Corey Pronman ranks the New York Islanders Top 10 Prospects. You should be reading Hockey Prospectus everyday. Corey has been going through each team in the NHL A-Z and ranking its Top-10 Prospects. I can’t wait until you get to Winnipeg Corey! Almost there!


  • By the “Islanders have friends in Queens”, I presume that they actually mean “Queens ready to hand over 400 Million to Wang”.

    In a time where 1/5th of all American men are out of work, it makes sense that the borough of Queens should dole out several hundred million for a new arena + land + peripheral developments.  Most of which will go straight into Charles Wang’s pockets.

  • Wang Tried too use his own money it was called the “Light House Project” that was privately funded and the County turned it down and wanted too use public money!!  Its super messed up!!

  • Raymie Humbert

    The 90s Islanders logo looked better than what they replaced it with. Ahead of its time indeed.