Winnipeg Jets Afternoon Links

Posted by David Minuk in Afternoon Links,Daily Papers on July 27, 2011 — 6 Comments

Yahoo Sports:  Ranking the NHL’s Top 25 left wingers.  Unlike when Yahoo ranked the Top 25 centres and the Jets got shut out, this time we have 2 players cracking this list.

Fort Francis Times:  Byfuglien enjoyed his first FFCBC.  The IC crew is hoping to get Big Buff to come fishing with us in Lake of the Woods this summer.

Game Rant:  EA Sports 2012 Winnipeg Jets screen shot.  Someone took a screenshot of this jersey and suggested it was from EA Sports 2012.  Via IC twitter one of our followers (TheSamWladyk) suggests that this shot might just be Backstrom in a Capitals jersey which has been modified into a possible Jets jersey.  We will need to ask IC’s technology expert Michael Remis for some follow-up on this.

Fox News:  Offseason assessment of the Southeast division.  Can’t believe that Antropov is oldest player at 31.  How do you assess Winnipeg’s chances are at this point in the offseason?

Icethetics:  Winnipeg Jets jersey concepts.  As per usual, these guys produce some pretty cool concepts.

Around the NHL:

NBC Sports:  Could AEG’s plans to build an NFL stadium in LA crush K.C.’s changes of ever hosting an NHL/NBA teamFrom what I’ve read, it sounded as if they (AEG) were making a ton of cash without an anchor tenant, so perhaps this is further proof that AEG wanting an anchor tenant for the Sprint Center is more about lip service.

Arizona Republic:  Glendale mum on life without the Coyotes.  As Blues President John Davidson would say “oh baby”.  With the interest of Matthew Hulsizer moving to said Blues, it would appear that the Coyotes might be down to often mentioned, tire kicker Jerry Reisndorf who has been referenced as a potential savior of hockey in the desert.

Sporting News:  Mike Richards denies report of ‘lifestyle concerns‘.  At this point it really doesn’t matter anyways.  Both Carter and Richards have opportunities for fresh starts with new teams.

  • Tyler Solo

    To quote the author of the article that jersey picture is from:
    “Oh, and for all you Jets fans, here’s something to make the wait for an
    official jersey a bit easier to bear. It may just be a photoshop,
    but you can’t argue that the new logo looks great in action:”

  • Anonymous

    the video game pic is definitely fake….look at the lightning uniforms….that is their old logo!

  • Anonymous
  • A link from Fox News?.. I just can’t.

  • Good find.  Thanks.  Will be nice to finally see the Jets take to the MTS Centre next season in NHL 2012.  In the article they showed off some of the A.I. and it makes my SNES NHL 1996 seem like I’m playing Pong. 

  • It’s ok Luke….just give it a little try…