• I like that they kept the old colours and put a jet in the logo.  Same team name, same colours. Can’t complain.  Means we can wear the old jerseys and fit in just fine!! GO JETS GO!

  • like the compass look with the north point

  • Love the main logo, hate the patches

  • colin wright

    I saw this version a couple of weeks ago.  i thought it was a fan submission.  Shoulder patches are ok, but I am not a fan of the logo.  

  • The main logo is nice, but kind of boring. That one would be an amazing shoulder patch. The other two are okay I guess. 

    The one on the bottom right looks kind of kindergardenish

  • It looks to me like a logo for an airline, a corporate header, totally devoid of any life.

  • I was going to buy a jersey when they came out, not now. They’re worse than the Thrashers logo. It looks minor league.

  • Anonymous

    My first reaction is they’re pretty excellent.  Can’t wait for the sweaters!

  • I’m quite impressed.  From all the speculative logos we’ve seen, when you see the actual logo that True North released today, I’m quite happy with the design.

    Part of me is also very happy that we will no longer have a generic NHL logo representing the team.

  • The PowerPoint presentation shows the inspiration and made me like it more. 

  • Feels vintage. I hope they keep that trend going.

  • If you click on the 7 slide montage on the web site, one of them has a goalie wearing a full Jets jersey.  Looks very coool.  Think they let the real one slip????

  • It feels like an original six logo… I’m expecting retro looking jerseys that’ll keep the heritage of hockey in Winnipeg alive.

  • Logo is very good. Authenticating by involving the Air Force is classy. Don’t like the Jets script in the secondary one.

  • That logo is going to look amazing on sweaters!

    Also just imagine that logo being used in broadcasts…. its great in my opinion

  • love it!

  • Anonymous

    Why does this jersey valorize DND and not the Canadian Revenue Agency?

    Can’t have one without the other.

  • Anonymous

    One person’s boring is another person’s clean.  What’s most encouraging about this is that it shows that TNSE has tuned into most Jets fans’ basic desire:  Jets fans want hockey to be more like it was in the 70s and 80s, when it was original six plus the teams inspired by that, not what it became in the 90s and 00s, when the league created teams like “The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.”  Props for that.

  • It is so bad. Looks like a Brier 2012 logo. A Labatt Blue logo. A 3rd grade arts project using clip art from windows 95′. The worst logo in the NHL, top 3 worst logos in all of professional sports. BOOORRRRRRING.

  • Cool it, my friend. It’s clean, classy, and simple. It’s always been said that simple logos are the best because they’re so memorable. 

  • just got back from buying some merch. waited in line for 90 minutes but it was worth it. 🙂

  • It’s a good design that will endure I think.  I think the primary will need some growing on, but the secondaries are excellent.  Expect most people to be putting up at least in the top 15 best logos in the NHL, and clearly better then some rather atrocious designs out there.

  • Am I the first to think the the song on the Logo Video could possibly be the entrence song for the games?

  • That song is “Sonne” by Rammstein, would be a decent choice if they just kept the riff, the German chanting scares me.

  • very classic logo and a nice touch with the Canadian Airforce acknowledgment.  Not gimmicky like some of the newer logo’s; will be a classic like the Habs!

  • I’m a Sens fan, and I wish my team had something so elegant and simple.

  • 3 hours of waiting in line and I finally got my stuff. Couldn’t be happier!

  • I don’t like how True North got their own CI in there. bleh

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  • A designer should have been responsible to make the logo not the Canadian air force. It’s just clip art copy/pasted together. I’d be very surprised if this logo goes unrevised in the next year. I’ll wait for the next version before I buy anthing.

  • I absolutely love it.  Homage to the Cdn Military.  True North did an excellent job considering the time limitations.

  • Anonymous

    I’m loving the new Winnipeg Jets logo! 

  • It’s bad. There is no worse logo. It’s cool for military night, but, don’t base the franchises identity on it. I suppose on the up side, I’m glad they didn’t choose another option to base it around, like breast cancer awareness or something, pink ribbons with a maple leaf… in a curling circle. (Again, cool for a night to have a pink jersey for awareness and such… but not for 82 games)

    I prefer this Blues jersey to be honest… might as well…

  • Anonymous

    I agree, you’ll be able to wear the old jerseys but that should be a given. I think the whole scheme is somewhat naive and kind of unprofessional in terms of its design qualities. The jet smacked on top of the maple leaf is a mess and whats the notch in the hard core circle, some kind of a compass?