Thursday, July 7 Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers

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CBC:  American Hockey League honours Chipman.  I’m not sure people in Winnipeg realize how lucky we are to have an owner that is as passionate about the sport as Mark Chipman.  Bodes very well for the future of NHL hockey in Winnipeg.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets poised to sign UND’s Gregoire.  Back on June 23rd our prospect expert Kyle suggested that word on the street was that the Winnipeg product could be signing with the Jets.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Ex-Atlanta coach gives True North a thrashing.  As if we need more reasons to want to beat the Florida Panthers next season.

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets blue-liner has brush with royalty.  Loyalty rhymes with royalty and that’s what Flood displayed in signing with the Jets.

Winnipeg Sun:  Chevy not done tinkering with roster.  Jets still have some pieces to add to this puzzle.

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets finding wings.  I’m ok with True North not spending money on free agents like some of the other GM’s.   While I also remember in the early 90’s saying in 3-5 years this team is going to be a contender, the fact is that these guys are slow building towards the future.

Around the NHL:

St. Louis Dispatch:  Blues sign two veterans to same contract.  These two former Devils are sure to add some veteran leadership to an otherwise young team.

Globe and Mail:  Could Burke do more?  Doesn’t seem like free agents are falling all over themselves to go to Toronto to play.  2011 Free Agent Signings.  In case you were curious who has signed where.

6 responses to “Thursday, July 7 Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers”

  1. Drew Mindell says:

    Craig Ramsey sounds as angry as an old man returning soup at a deli. Perhaps if he had more success as head coach, he would have been retained. His comments are sour grapes. 

  2. Zak Katz says:


  3. Zak Katz says:

    “It was a month or more just sitting by the phone…”

    The purchase was announced on May 31.

    Rick Dudley was let go on June 4.

    Kevin Cheveldayoff was hired on June 8th, at which point he called Ramsey “right away”.

    8 days is hardly “more than a month” as Ramsey claims in his own comments…. Perhaps his better years are behind him at this point

  4. Jamie Coran says:

    Gotta love that the Jets are loading up on players who have all dealt with prairie weather.  Sounds like the Gregoire signing will add some depth to the AHL squad.

  5. M Remis says:

    I’ll agree with Zak, but I will say that it may have seemed like a month because everyone knew the purchase was done after Brunts article on May 18th, and the whole process dragged out. Rick Dudley, Craig Ramsay and the Thrashers’ employees were put in a difficult situation and were left in the dark by the Atlanta Spirit. That being said, Craig Ramsay got a nice buyout and is coaching again.

  6. Luke Miguez says:

    Looks like Ramsay is going to take his talents to South Beach.

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