The Seat Selection Process

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I had the chance to speak with a Winnipeg Jets season ticket holder this week about the seat selection process.  This particular season ticket holder was lucky enough to have purchased during the general on sale.

Two weeks ago he received an e-mail indicating that True North had set up an account on their website; the e-mail included a username and a password. It appears that this portion was set up through Ticketmaster. In the e-mail it stated that season ticket holders would receive another e-mail with instructions between 6-8 weeks from that date to come to the MTS Centre and make an appointment.

Now he just had to spend the rest of the time scouring the P5 seats (grey) trying to determine where in fact he’d like to sit for the next 3 years.

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Surprisingly, 2 weeks later the e-mail arrived, it was on a Friday night, at midnight (aka early Saturday morning). This e-mail indicated that the recipient was to make an appointment for the next week to come to the MTS Centre and select their seats. Making an appointment was very similar to buying tickets to an event on Ticketmaster, a credit card was required to “buy” the appointment, but no money was charged. He knew he would have to act quickly, as it is first come, first serve for seat selection. Even at 1am, his first choice for an appointment time was quickly taken.

He had tickets in section P5, but later found out that some other P5 holders did not receive their e-mail quite yet.

Before the appointment, season ticket holders are required to print out and bring a form which includes a questionnaire, it asks to rank 3 sections of preference, seat number preference, row preference, as well as preference to sit beside another season ticket holder.

When arriving at the appointment, he took the escalator up to the 300 level, bringing the admission ticket and printed form. The process is like Ticketmaster, but in person. A True North representative, will give season ticket holders about 2 or 3 options to select your seat, they do not show you what else is available, and according to them everything else has been reserved. (The season ticket holder whom I spoke to had doubts whether or not this was actually true). It was noted that the first 6 rows in the upper deck, had been already taken by Moose season ticket holders.

He picked the seats he wanted, and even had a chance to sit in them. It was noted that all of the seats in the upper deck provide great views; however, he told IC that rows 11 and 12 (the back two rows) have a partially obstructed view of the scoreboard due to the roof & awning.

While he did not see any construction, he stated that he would not be drinking beer on that level, as there were not nearly enough bathrooms. The True North representative indicated that they would be adding more bathrooms, as well as permanent concessions. When asked if they would prefer if “trough” style toilets should be installed, the season ticket holder did not think there would be enough room for them to fit.

That is one season ticket holder’s account on the seat selection process, if you have already selected your seats; feel free to post in the comments.

  • It does not matter what time you make your appointment at, cause your seat is determined through the seat survey and the order your deposit got processed. 

    Example, if the moose season ticket holder indicates in the seat survey that they want Row 1, seat 1&2 and the general on sale person indicates that as well, then they reserve those seats for the Moose season ticket holders cause there deposit was processed before the general on sale customer.  

    My friend (who bought on the general on sale date) had an appointment at 9am monday morning and his seats in P5 were row 7(which was not anything close to what he requested on the seat survey), he also said the aisle seat was bad cause they have a guard rail going down the middle of the stairs so when you turned one way the guard rail got in the way… They also told him if he didnt like these seats he could come back at the end of the seat selection process that day and take a pick from the best available seats after everyone has picked out where there sitting.

    Hopefully this will help clarify things for some of the people out there.

  • It’s all about the urinals.

  • Had my appointment yesterday for P1.

  • in P5 and still no appointment!…argh this is killing me

  • Anonymous

    I went for my selection today.  We split some seats 2 in p2 and 2 in p6.  We bought a half season in p6.  What they did not tell anyone was that if you bought a half season, then you could not pick your seat until all of the whole season seats were chosen first.  although this makes a fair amount of sense, we reserved pretty early and now my seats may not be where we were hoping to be.  If we knew that, we probably would of bought a full season and then sold some off.  But, it is hard to be bitter when so many people did not get seats.  Kinda like complaining that you only won $100 k  in the lottery and your mad because you did not win the million.

  • I’m in the same boat. They started P5’s, but then got the green light that they could get into the lower bowl. I was told P5 will start in another week or two by TNSE. It’s too hard to wait this long!

  • Went to go pick between 2 seats, and was told, nope, these are your seats. Hmmm…. will probably never know the real reason behind this, but am tres happy I got seats!!!

  • Anonymous

    well a friend of mine made an appointment for his seat selection in P6, but his order number was in the 1100’s from the general sale, and my 4 are in the order number of low 1000’s.  Makes no sense whatsoever.  I don’t want to call and get blacklisted.

  • Colin Jubinville

    Got P6 seats and I’m still waiting for an appointment…..

  • Colin Jubinville

    Got P6 seats and I’m still waiting for an appointment…..