Afternoon Links: Drama in the Desert…again

Posted by David Minuk in Afternoon Links,Daily Papers on June 28, 2011 — 10 Comments

CBC:  Downtown hotel tower plan unveiledIt appears downtown Winnipeg will become all glass, based on the projections.  Count me in as a fan of the development.

Toronto Sun:  Bogosian among those qualified by JetsThere was a lot of consternation when people read Ladd and Wheeler but Bogosian’s name wasn’t mentioned.

CBC:  Elliotte Friedman 30 ThoughtsPerhaps that will mollify those who questioned the wisdom of the pick.

22) There were a couple teams picking in the 20s trying to move into the 12-15 spot to snare Mark Scheifele. Those plans were ruined when Winnipeg took him seventh. “You have to remember, one year ago, he was playing Junior B. Great pickup,” a scout said.

CBS:  Daily Skate – Winnipeg ticket pricesNot going to be cheap to buy tickets in this city for years to comeOf course people better remember the scalping laws in Manitoba.

Drama in the Desert Redux:

Winnipeg Sun:  Coyotes update sale statusHow many times are we going to hear Reinsdorf is kicking the tires, checking out this team?

Winnipeg Free Press:  Phoenix Coyotes say they’re pursuing other buyersCan’t believe fans in Phoenix have to continue to put up with these shenanigans.  When is enough, enoughI don’t know about you, but I can’t sit through another COG meeting.

More Coyotes talk as well as HOF news and Jagr to Pittsburgh lack of offer after the jump.

Sporting News:  Hulsizer pullout has Coyotes’ future again in questionLooks like Forbes and I are thinking a long the same path…..Jim Balsillie anyone?

NHL News:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:  Still no offer from PenguinsDespite owning a house in Pittsburgh still, I can quite easily see Jagr heading over to Detroit and taking his talents to Motown.

TSN:  Belfour, Gilmour, Nieuwendyk, Howe elected to Hall of FameReally happy to see Carman, Manitoba’s Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Belfour entering the Hall of Fame.

  • Luke Miguez

    About Balsillie, one would have to think that eventually the NHL will realize that nobody wants to own the Coyotes in Phoenix without getting paid to do so by the city of Glendale.  The league will want to one day recoup their losses, and if Balsillie and his Hamilton market is in the mix then that potentially creates a bidding war with Quebecor and its desire for relocation of an NHL franchise to Quebec City. 

    A bidding war and the potential driving up of the Coyotes beyond market price could be lucrative enough for the NHL to abandon its desire to remain in the Phoenix market.

  • Interestingly, Blackberry stock has taken a hit this year.  I wonder if that’s going to cool Balsillie’s interest in making a big investment right now.

  • I’ve been surprised by how much of a spread there has been in opinions around the Scheifele pick.  In most pre-draft ratings he was the next highest centre after Couturier once Strome was picked and there has been a lot of discussion on how much more Couturier is really going to develop and if he will really do much in the NHL or if he was mostly getting away with just using his size in junior.  There seem to be some sports reporters who just looked at the top ten projected picks without looking at some of the scouting reports on these guys.  The biggest knock on Scheifele seems to be that he’ll need more time to be NHL ready, but you don’t draft for next season.

  • Exactly.  Went from high of around $140 to approximately $28.  Let’s hope he has squirreled away some $$$$$ although a franchise in Hamilton could make him a lot of dough.

  • Luke Miguez

    Draft analysis has become pretty ridiculous lately.  Basically you get a bunch of TSN shows that pump how ‘NHL ready’ players are.  Is Couturier NHL ready? Maybe.  Is Scheifele NHL ready? Probably not.  Yet I think Scheifele is a better pick then Couturier because he can one day be a top line player for us, either at centre or at right wing (where I think he’ll project in the NHL), and Couturier almost definitely will not be anything more then a 2nd/3rd line centre.

    How a player ranked 12th on TSN’s final draft rankings and eventually picked 7th is some kind of incredible reach is beyond me.  I guess the armchair GMs out there can clue me in on it.

  • Isn’t it clear that there isn’t anybody willing to invest their own dollars in the Coyotes?  At end of the day True North took approximately 170 million and paid the NHL with cold hard cash because they expect a return on their investment.

    If there is no buyer for the franchise, and it continues to hemorrhage money, at what point does the NHL cut its losses?

  • Anonymous

    No one is willing to dump their own money into a hockey team in a pit town with no fans, and a poor outlook for the 11-12 season.

    On that note, its a good thing they required a signed contract for a 2 year commitment to season tickets.  People have already put down large payments, and rumor has it season ticket sales are up over 75% of what they were last year.  Nice work keeping this ‘under wraps’ until the first payment was due…

  • Anonymous

    How can slot a guy described as a 2 way center as a top line player yet another who was 5th in the Q in scoring despite having mono is 2nd/3rd line center?

  • Scheifele is no more of a reach than what Burmistrov was last year for the Thrashers.  That’s worked out pretty well.  Both players need to put on some weight, but both have the skill sets to be very good NHL players.

    As for Phoenix, how crazy would it be for the Atlanta Spirit to realize they have 44 openings to fill at Philips Arena, and get back into the NHL business and move the Coyotes to Atlanta.  Atlanta would have Winnipeg’s history while Winnipeg would have Atlanta’s.  Wanna trade?  LOL.

  • Raymie Humbert

    As a Phoenix resident who is actually interested in hockey (this whole scandal helped — P.S. your coverage is absolutely wonderful to read and very insightful), I’m a little depressed to see this. But it’s kind of a situation where there is no suitable buyer right now — either they have the stadium and not the owners, the owners but not the stadium, or Jim Balsillie.

    I have my own insights on what’s wrong with the Coyotes — part of it has to do with Phoenix’s sports history, part of it to do with poor arena placement.