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Winnipeg Free Press:  Richards shopped to Jets before draft.  While I like the idea of adding a 1st line center in Richards, that was too high a price tag that the Flyers were seeking.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Hawerchuk says pick just…Ducky.  Appears the True North staff put a lot of stock in Hawerchuk’s words.  Let’s just hope that he is honoured at Game 1.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Pronounce it with us – its ‘Shy’flea’. I was more worried about the spelling than the pronunciation.  Very happy with this pick.

Edmonton Journal:  Noel in pilot’s seat of reborn team.  It was certainly a day of firsts yesterday.  Now we look forward to player signings and a new logo/jersey.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Maybe Bettman a better man.  We were on air when he was first on stage but it sounds like he “shockingly” got a few claps from the northern crowd.

Sporting News:  In one moment, Winnipeg Jets get their name and face.  The story about the wink by Chevy is coolest story of draft.

Globe and Mail:  Jets touch down in Winnipeg again.   Rich and Drew put it best when they said, this was Mark Chipman’s gift to the people of Winnipeg. Of course what that logo and jersey look like is anyone’s guess.  Below is a sample from a proposal from a UK graphic design firm that we discussed last week.

CBC:  Jets’ 1st pick bridges generations.  There is still a lot of love for Ducky in this city.

Winnipeg Free Press:  NHL’s return, coming to a bookstore near you.  That would be a book that I would likely read front to back, without putting it down.

Chicago Sun-Times:  Assistant Haviland staying put – for now.   I thought Chevy would go with his known quantity.

ESPN:  Jets’ future begins at draft.   What a spectacular day in Winnipeg history.

Grand Forks Herald:  UND grad makes Jets announcement.  Perhaps IC’s Rich and Kyle (both are UND grads) can get some info at the next alumni dinner.  Chipman’s delivery was excellent.

Winnipeg Sun:  Finally official, its the Jets.  Wonder which fan won the pair of season tickets.

Star Tribune:  What’s a fan of Winnipeg to do?  Yes, road tripWhich is why it would be a shame if we didn’t end up in the same division as our closest geographic rival.

A lot more Jets news and discussing yesterday’s numerous trades after the jump.

Washington Post:  Winnipeg Jets make their name official, draft Scheifele with their first pick.  Couldn’t have worked out better for the new NHL franchise that the draft happened to take place in St. Paul.

NBC Sports:  Winnipeg Jets make their first pick and name official, no uniforms.  Probably the one blip in an otherwise smooth transition for True North.  One that will be quickly forgotten when the new jersey actually gets revealed.

Toronto Sun:  Jets coach gets right to work.  No resting on your laurels.  Noel is going to immediately have to get started building up his coaching staff.

Barrie Examiner:  Colts forward lands in Winnipeg.  Love the fact that the Jets (still weird to be able to write that) took a player being coached by one of the best 1st round selections in the Jets 1.0 franchise.

NHL News:

Edmonton Journal:  Smyth trade not a done deal.  Surprised L.A. is willing to deal but it will free them up some cap space.

Miami Herald:  Florida Panthers acquire defenseman Brian Campbell.  Talon gets back the player he signed when he was with the Hawks.  Now he’s closer to the salary cap floor (the Panthers were around 30 million under it).

Mercury News:  Sharks land Bret Burns, deal Devin Setoguchi.  Good move by both teams.

Edmonton Journal:  Nugent-Hopkins follows Hall onto stage.  Should be a great addition when he finally plays for the big club.  Oilers are stacked with 1st rounders.

3 responses to “Saturday Morning Papers”

  1. Jamie Coran says:

    It feels like the day after Christmas.  So many toys (stories) to play with.  Lucky to be a Pegger.  

    Do you guys have any idea when the new logo/jersey will be released?

  2. Man its still an aww that we have the winnipeg jets back….. we are the home of the WINNIPEG JETS… Man there it is, theirs no words to express what we are all feeling this morning, i’ve never been so proud to be a winnipeger, soooo cool.

  3. Larry Plett says:

    Go Jets Go.  I am excited to head on down to Wpg to check out a Jets game.  (can’t believe I’m saying that).

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