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Via Winnipeg Free Press reporter Gary Lawless:  Tweeting that Claude Noel will be the 1st coach for the new franchise. Here is the article from the Free Press confirming that Claude Noel will be the head coach.–True North is showing that they believe in their coach. Illegal Curve extends our congratulations to Claude Noel

Global Winnipeg:  True North unveils pre-season scheduleHere it is as a handy calendar.

Columbus Dispatch:  Split squad pre-season game with the JacketsThis comes from Columbus beat writer Aaron Portzline and seems highly unusual but kinda cool in a baseball sort of way

Winnipeg Free Press:  Winnipeg starts in style against venerated HabsMight we hear an Ole Ole chant?

Winnipeg Free Press:  C’mon luck sevenFriday will be momentous.

Winnipeg Free Press:  No coach yet – team name could be FridayDo they want team name to overshadow 1st ever draft choice?

Chicago Sun-Times:  Blackhawks’ Jonathan Toews loves life in ChicagoWith our new GM and potential new head coach being from the Hawks, folks in Chi-town are getting understandably nervous that Winnipeg’s favoured son might have a desire to return to his hometown.

Arizona Republic:  Phoenix Coyotes to play Winnipeg in home openerIf the comments on the bottom of the article mean anything, there isn’t much love lost between the fans of these two cities.  Should make for an incredible (fan) rivalry at least.

Winnipeg Sun:  ‘Tobans have high hopesWouldn’t it be nice for the St. Croix’s to hear their son’s name selected by his hometown’s new team.

More Winnipeg NHL news plus some general NHL after the jump.

Winnipeg Sun:  Stefan a bust from the beginningAlways easy to look back and point out bad picks by teams.

TSN:  Winnipeg nickname and head coach expected this weekendMight the next 3 days rival the day of the announcement that the NHL was returning to Winnipeg?  Today we get the schedule, Friday we see the team’s 1st ever draft pick and then on the weekend the coach and team name are to be revealed.

TSN:  Canadiens to visit Winnipeg for home opener October 9Appreciate that the NHL/True North didn’t schedule it for the 8th (Yom Kippur).  A little concerned about divided loyalty, with the possibility of many Habs fans in the arena.  Of course pitting Canada’s newest franchise vs. its oldest should make for a good storyline.

Winnipeg Sun:  Chevy keeping ears open There really are infinite possibilities with the 7th pick.  If one of the top 5 slides down you can grab him or if all your “top” selections go, you can make a trade.  The next few days are going to be very exciting for this franchise.

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets’ chosen onesAs I said yesterday, the old Jets didn’t have the best draft history, but with a new team comes new chances to make the right decision.  Of course for every Stamkos, there are 5 guys who didn’t make it.

General NHL:

Pioneer Press:  Wild will need clout to switch divisionsThe article discusses some of the radical changes the NHL is considering.

Globe and Mail:  Harly Hotchkiss – the voice of reason who saved Canadian hockeyMore on this Canadian legend.

8 responses to “Thursday Morning Papers”

  1. Zak Katz says:

    I’m not too worried about the Habs fans invading the arena for the opener. For starters, tickets are going to be hard to come by, unlike in the old days at the Winnipeg Arena when Habs could invade pretty easily. Secondly, even if there is solid chunk of habs fans living in Winnipeg with tickets, the Winnipeg fans are going to be LOUD, insane, crazy. The true fans will drown out the habs fans and maybe even some of the Winnipeg habs fans will set aside their allegiance for one day to be on the right side of a historic day in Canadian (not Canadien) hockey history.

  2. Paul Hackett says:

    My question is: will it be Tuxedo Night or a whiteout?

  3. Seeing an actual exhibition schedule, with games on the calendar makes it so much more real.  Good work.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Boy, i guess i better start figuring out a way to get back to Phoenix for that home opener…but with a new job, im not sure i’ll be able to do both Winnipeg and Phoenix in Oct…decisions, decisions….

  5. Love the preseason sched, no big name opponent draws to generate hype. Hopefully they wear practice jerseys, come out to generic music, etc. Save all the good stuff for OCTOBER 9

  6. Larry Plett says:

    Anyone have any insight into how split squad works in hockey?  Has it ever been done before?

  7. Grahame Young says:

    The NHL should add 2 more teams to make it 32…say Houston and Seattle.  Move Phoenix to Quebec and move Florida to KC.  Then you have two 16 team conferences / four 8 team divisions.  West Pacific is EDM, CAL, VAN, SEA, SJS, LA, ANA, COL.  West Central is WPG, MSP, CHI, STL, KC, DAL, HOU, NAS.  Northeast is DET, TOR, BUF, OTT, MTL, QUE, PIT, CLB.  Atlantic is PHI, NYI, NYR, NJD, BOS, WAS, CAR, TB.  Play a balanced schedule and have a couple of crossover playoff spots between east and west.  Obviously this isn’t going to happen in the next year or two, but that should be a long-term goal for the league. 

    Meanwhile, they should wait to see what’s happening with Phoenix before realigning – if they go to Quebec, or anywhere east, that would prevent the Wings or Columbus from switching conferences.  They could still implement the balanced schedule and crossover though…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Seems to me the Coyotes played a split squad both last season, and the one before.  As for how the teams are split up, i couldnt figure out a pattern.  But i think it gives them the ability to look at more line match ups, before sending guys back to the AHL/Home country.

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