Wednesday Afternoon Links

Posted by David Minuk in Afternoon Links,Daily Papers on June 22, 2011 — 5 Comments

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets anthem singer would come back any timeMy question is does she still have the sequenced dress?  Ironic that she’s living in Atlanta of all places.

Atlanta Journal Constitution:  Waddell’s search for Thrashers buyer included more than 20 local groups.  Once again the AJC’s Vivlamore provides readers with previously unknown information.

TSN:  A look back at Winnipeg at the NHL draft.  Sometime the past is best left in the past and looking at all the missed opportunities can give one a headache.

CSN Chicago:  Bowman – Dangerous to draft on current needs.  A blurb about Winnipeg ‘s interest in current Hawks assistant coach Haviland.  Equally interesting is the main focus of the article, which is Bowman’s feelings on how teams should draft.

Globe and Mail:  Former Flames part-owner passes away.  Quite a remarkable person, who was part of the group that brought the Atlanta Flames to Calgary.

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Washington Examiner:  Could the Caps host an NHL draft?  Small blurb mentions Winnipeg getting an NHL draft in near future.  Pretty amazing that in all the years of the previous franchise, we never hosted a draft or all-star game.

Winnipeg Free Press:  A closer look at 10 players to watch in this week’s draft. They left Ryan Strome, the guy a lot of people think the Winnipeg franchise will select if he’s still around, off the list.

USA Today:  Mock draft.  They feel that Strome could give the franchise some needed flash but also warn he could be a bust.


Puck Daddy:  Is Bryzgalov worth $7 million a year?  Only if the Flyers win the Cup next season.

  • Winnipeg was scheduled to host the NHL Entry Draft in 1995. I think we all remember how that turned out. 

  • Strome or Couturier are the two guys I am looking for at number 7.
    This is an odd draft. some say Couturier won’t have a chance of making it out of the top 5 while others predict a slide to 10.  If Couturier is available at 7, I think he is lands in Winnipeg.

    The True North people, they aren’t looking for “flash” they are looking for hard workers and character guys and as nice as it is to land a flashy scorer, a hard working set up man for Kane works well too.

    If Couturier is gone at 7 and I think he will be, Strome is an exciting player to add to the mix. That said, you can rest assured that the True North people won’t be picking him if they actually believe his is the most likely bust of the bunch.

  • Kyle Kosior

    I like USA Today’s assessment, Strome along with Murphy offer intriguing risk-reward possibilities. I think Strome is the safer bet, however.

  • Luke Miguez

    Philadelphia better be ridiculously happy that the cap is moving up if they’re forced to sign Bryzgalov for 7M/year.

    I’m interested in a scenario where the Islanders decide to take Couturier and Ottawa takes Strome.  Winnipeg then has to choose between Zibanejad (a centre) and Hamilton and Murphy methinks (both defencemen).  In that scenario would we go with Hamilton as the BPA?

  • Anonymous

    For the anthem either of Cummings or Hanson would be great. I remember him doing it as a rocker & Jennifer doing it smokey.

    1st pick, BPA. Players drop as some have dark horse picks. I’d like a center but if there’s a kid that looks like he’s be a great D you go with it. Personal preference is Landeskog but I doubt he’ll drop to #7.