Tuesday Afternoon Links: It’s Official

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Winnipeg Free Press:  NHL board of governors confirms Winnipeg teamNot many believed that the city of Winnipeg would ever get there again.

NHL.com:  Board of Governors unanimous on WinnipegNice to know that we had 100% supportIf you want to check out the “official” team NHL site, click here.

Winnipeg Sun:  True North, ‘Peg get unanimous NHL go aheadMark Chipman said it best;

We are very honoured by the NHL board of governors’ unanimous decision,” Chipman said in a news release. “We know the fans of this province have an appetite for NHL hockey that is rivalled by few in the league and intend to work very hard to make Manitobans proud of our franchise for years to come.”

Atlanta Journal Constitution:  Thrashers’ sale and relocation officialChris Vivlamore delivers the news to the Thrashers faithful.

TSN:  Jets meter.  Finally reaches 100%.

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Globe and Mail:  NHL board of governors approves Atlanta sale to WinnipegIs anyone surprised?

Winnipeg Free Press:  Always room in a market for teams that winLet’s hope both the Bombers and the unnamed NHL team both win on the scoresheet and in the stands.  For now the latter necessity has been fulfilled by both clubs.

NHL News:

New York Magazine:  It was only a matter of time before someone mentioned the RangersCan’t see New York in the mix for Jagr’s services this season.

Edmonton Journal:  Tambellini keeps draft-pick cards close to his chestWhile we may be in the Southeast for one season, it pays to keep abreast of what our potential future competition is doing.

The Hockey News:  The hot list- draft risersHere’s a list of some of the guys who might be on the move up come draft dayRemember to stay tuned to @illegalcurve for all the latest directly from St. Paul.


Second City Hockey:  Help wanted sign at the Coach’s roomWe will ignore the shot at Winnipeg to bring you some interesting insight into possible coach Haviland.

Bird Watchers Anonymous:  A quick thank you to the Thrashers fansA very nice thank you post from the crew at BWA.

Chris D:  Collection of Winnipeg Jets memorabilia on display todayVery appropriate timing for the display.

SB Nation Atlanta:  Could the NHL give Atlanta a third tryWhile it might seem far fetched since the team officially leaves today, Laura makes some good points on what Georgian’s can do if they ever hope to see the NHL back in their market.

On the Forecheck:  The NHL says goodbye to AtlantaAppears that Predators sites are actively courting fans of the departing Thrashers.

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4 responses to “Tuesday Afternoon Links: It’s Official”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Winnipeg Jets.

  2. Luke Miguez says:

    I’m figuring at this point that there will be a press conference this week and that the name will be the ‘Jets’.

  3. Ryan Moharid says:

    I don’t think anyone in this province will be phased by the BOG vote.  People want to know what the team is going to be called.  That is the sole focus.

  4. Larry Plett says:

    I’m with Storzy – Winnipeg Jets.

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