Wednesday’s (6/14) News you can use: Latest on Return of the NHL to Winnipeg

Posted by David Minuk in Daily Papers,News You Can Use on June 15, 2011 — 18 Comments  Haviland to interview for Winnipeg coaching jobAre we to be Chicago of the NorthPortage & Main can get kinda windy.

TSN:  MacTavish expected to meet with GM Cheveldayoff.  Certainly a name that will get some attention for the organization. Blog post also has a few words on when fans can expect this team to have a formal name.

FraserDavidson:  Winnipeg Jets Brand ProposalAs you can see from the below pictures of the day, these two guys have put together a very impressive proposal for True North.

Star-Ledger:  Devils’ search for a coach has Craig Ramsay on their radarNot surprised that other team’s are interested in Ramsay.

Winnipeg Free Press: TNSE would do wise to keep Ramsey aroundGary Lawless submits his vote, and it’s for a unique collaborative head coach/associate coach effort between Claude Noel and Craig Ramsey.

Winnipeg Free Press: The chance may never come again, Claude NoelGiven that he toured North America with the Manitoba Moose this past season, there is probably no one in Winnipeg with the knowledge and insight into Claude Noel like that which Tim Campbell possesses.

Winnipeg Free Press: The grizzled veteran, Craig RamseyEd Tait looks at the Craig Ramsey’s body of work and examines why he would be a good choice to be the head coach of the franchise

Winnipeg Free Press: The hot rookie, Kirk Muller. Universally thought of as the next big thing in the coaching ranks, Kirk Muller gets examined by Ed Tait.

Toronto Sun:  ‘Peg NHL coaching gig intrigues MurrayInteresting that the pride of Souris, Manitoba thinks it is time we break away from the Jets moniker.

After the jump more blog posts and Game 7 news.


Sault St. Marie This Week: Trevor Daley settles into Soo for summer.  Nice to get some love.

“You never want to see a city lose its team but I’m happy and excited for the people of Winnipeg. We have to grow our game and make it better and I think having a team in Winnipeg will be a big part of that.”

Winnipeg Sun:  Scouting Winnipeg’s new team.  A “mystery” Eastern Conference scout gives his ratings on the team.  For our own in-depth analysis of the team, check out Richard’s 5 part assessment.


The Sporting News:  Former NHL coach Andy Murray hasn’t heard from Winnipeg franchise.  Guess he isn’t on True North’s list, yet.

ESPN:  NHL returns for Winnipeg’s John K. Samson.  Always been a fan of his music.  Another vote for a new name.

Atlanta Thrashers Fan Club:  Player appreciationsGiving fans an opportunity to say goodbye to the team.

The View from 111:  What’s different about WinnipegSomeone needs to tell Conference Board of Canada that the Bombers have sold over 20,000 season tickets.

Game 7 News:

Forbes:  Stanley Cup Final fetching big bucks.  $12,000 for a hockey game.  I’d suggest you buy yourself a 100″ tele and watch in HD from the comfort of your own home.

Postmedia News: The Unpredictable Game 7Given how bizarre this series has played out thus far, I am ready for anything to happen tonight. My prediction: Fedor Fedorov comes out of the stands to score the GWG for Vancouver in the 4th overtime

Canadian Press: No re-enactment of 1994 riotsAs someone who was in Vancouver during the Olympics, the vibe on the streets and between citizens and police was friendly and joyous, so I would be surprised to see that change tonight. The swarms have people who have invaded downtown Vancouver have been mostly peaceful. Let’s hope that continues tonight, win or lose.

Today’s Picture(s) of the Day:
Comes via two very talented graphic designer’s (
Fraser Davidson and Brian Gundell) who have finally given us something tangible to see.

18 responses to “Wednesday’s (6/14) News you can use: Latest on Return of the NHL to Winnipeg”

  1. Drew Mindell says:

    Wow, the logo & jersey that they designed is sharp. I would be glad to wear that around town.

  2. James Gelet says:

    Wow. Slick! I’d buy a blue and a white the day those would go on sale. I prefer the maple leaf version. Usually symmetrical designs look best on hockey jerseys.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Didya see the suit Ramsey was wearing in that Star-Ledger article?  It looks like some tailor killed a jaguar on safari and decided to make a suit instead of having it stuffed and mounted.

  4. Zak Katz says:

    Agreed. It’s modern, clean, and distinguishable from the old jerseys.
    To me using a completely new design like the one above represents the middle group between honoring the past and turning the page on a new chapter.

  5. Seeing the season tickets is INCREDIBLE.  The concept of the team while obviously “real” still seemed like make-believe.  When you see the season tickets, despite the fact that they are an artists rendering, somehow makes it all the more real.

  6. Jamie Coran says:

    Absolutely agree.  I don’t think anyone is dying for the old 80’s or 90’s uniforms.  We just want Go Jets Go and this modern, updated logo gives us just that.

    Big ups to the designers.

  7. Zak Katz says:

    Unfortunately, I still believe we are all going to be cheering for the Manitoba Moose next fall.

    I don’t really buy the whole “TNSE saw the passion and outcry for Jets and changed their minds which is why its taken so long” angle. That theory is rooted in wishful thinking and is not at all consistent with anything TNSE has done to date. When these guys make decisions, they do so thoughtfully and swiftly. With both the short-term and long-term ramifications of that decision in mind.

    Late this week or early next week a coach will be named. With the BoG approval and schedule announcement in addition to the draft just days later will distract enough people to damper the potential outrage of a non-Jets name.

    Danny Williams in NFLD has already stated that the new St. John’s AHL team won’t be named the Moose (makes sense considering the epidemic of moose related car accidents in that region) and TNSE has stated that the Moose name and brand will be used in some capacity, as they have poured too much into it.

    Don’t mean to rain on the parade, I’m just pessimistic.

  8. Ryan Moharid says:

    As someone who is actively pulling for the Falcons, I have to admit that this design has caught my attention.  

    Still would like to see something new, but well done.

  9. JRoy. says:

    Like the design, but I think the writing around the logo could be a little sharper. 

  10. JRoy. says:

    I’d die a little on the inside if they didn’t bring back the Jets name.  But that moose logo is just bad ass.  He’s one mean moose.

  11. Luke Miguez says:

    It’s the other way around I figure.  Announcing a name that isn’t the Jets will likely suck all the attention out of the draft and BoG meeting.

    By the way, how would True North look to hockey fans in Manitoba if they attempted to finesse their way to another team name?  I can already see the inevitable ‘True North killed the Jets’ letters to the editor in the Free Press and Sun.

  12. Luke Miguez says:

    I didn’t like this design as much before, but I’m coming around, especially seeing it on jerseys, shirts, etc.  That red alternative jersey is just bad though.  Cut the blue shoulder bit out and it looks OK.

  13. Yeah, I’m all for that

  14. Jon Smith says:

    I’m with Zak.  I think that we are all being built up for a big fall.  Personally if I was True North I would have quashed any Jets talk immediately if you were planning on going in new direction. To be ambiguous only hurts fans and could cause a backlash.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Just stating my opinion here.. At first I thought, not bad… Then I saw the picture of the jersey on the player, they looked better… Looking again, that concept is terrible. A little disappointed that that was the best they could come up with. Hopefully True North does not see that proposal.

  16. I was sold when I saw the season tickets.  I think at this point everyone just wants something.  There is only so long that we can continue to call the team the Winnipeg Whatevers. (unless that in fact turns out to be the name).

  17. Tennis Newz says:

    That design reminds me too much of the Rangers statue of liberty jerseys. 

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