News (6/14) you can use: Latest on Return of the NHL to Winnipeg

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CTV Winnipeg:  Announcement regarding naming rights for Winnipeg’s Arena could happen in JuneCan’t see MTS relinquishing those rights.  The Free Press had an in-depth piece on this a few weeks back about forging the long term relationship between True North and MTS.

Winnipeg Free Press: The candidates emergeWith True North beginning to interview for the head coaching position of the returning NHL franchise, the Free Press hockey writers (Gary Lawless, Tim Campbell & Ed Tait) profile the rumoured candidates.

Winnipeg Sun:  Last out of the gate Sometimes being last out of the gate isn’t the end of the world.  Just like in the world of horse racing, our franchise is a bit of a stalker, but eventually when it comes time to put in that extra effort during the home stretch, we know the True North brain trust will be in the Winner’s CircleAnd unlike in horse racing, finishing 7th will still get us something.

National Post: Chronicling the changes TNSE has made since the acquisition of the ThrashersMichael Traikos, former guest on The IllegalCurve Hockey Show, analyzes the front office hirings and firings made by TNSE in the last number of weeks.  No one is ever happy when good people lose their jobs and this case is no different.

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Other News:

Winnipeg Free Press: Paul MacLean to be the head man in the nation’s capitalGenerally speaking, plucking a coach off of the Mike Babcock tree would seem to be a smart move. However, given that Ottawa is where head coaches go to die, we will see if Paul MacLean and his moustache can buck that trend

Winnipeg Free Press: Yet another Manitoba born head coach gets his chance in the NHL. Definitely not a household name but Glen Gulutzan beat out higher profile names, and will get his chance as head coach of the Dallas Stars, after a successful two seasons as head coach of the Starts AHL affiliate, the Texas Stars.


Red Light District:  Southeast Division outlookRichy gives the Winnipeg squad preview for RLD, but if you wanna see how the rest of our competition looks, check it out.

Puck Worlds:  Hockey deprived AmericansGood read.  Gives you an indication which markets are starved for hockey.

The Sporting News:  Winnipeg franchise lines up coachesFrom the sounds of things, a number of coaches vacancies will be filled in the next week or so.

Video of the Day – Ryan Strome talks Wpg (starts at 3:21):

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13 responses to “News (6/14) you can use: Latest on Return of the NHL to Winnipeg”

  1. Ryan Moharid says:

    So Millard takes away our faint hope of knowing something this week only to replace it with faint hope.  Thanks Millard.

  2. Kyle Kosior says:

    Did anyone else hear the Chipman quote that the jerseys wont be ready for next season, and they will play with an  NHL shield?

  3. My sarcasm detector is going off the charts (at least I hope it is).

  4. Drew Mindell says:

    I thought he said it wouldn’t be ready in time for the draft. I don’t believe that either, FWIW. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh God, anyone but Marc Crawford….

    In regards to the article about uncharted territory in the US for hockey, sure, there are many big cities that dont have any hockey, or support a lower level.  BUT, just because they dont have hockey and share that with the combination of being a large market, in no way means anyone should look at putting a team there.  Atlanta was a mess, Phoenix continues to make the NHL look like a joke, and it wont be long before something in Miami blows up.  I know the point of the article was just to evaluate whats out there, but i am so sick of people throwing around names of cities when in reality, now that you guys have a team back, theres no readily available place to move an NHL franchise.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh, and i have arrived home from my drive to Detroit from Phoenix.  Thank God.  Sorry i missed the show on Saturday, but i was on the road by 7am….

  7. Noel or Ramsay.  Which do you guys think would be best fit for True Norths vision?

  8. Zak Katz says:

    Yes during an interview on XM Home Ice Chipman stated they probably would not have the jersey ready for the Draft, and that the team would probably use the NHL shield as the jersey for their pick to put on or something to that effect.

    I’m still having a hard time believing that they don’t have something ready given how prepared they were with every other part of this transition… My speculation is that they are trying to wait out the “jets” hysteria so they can introduce the team as the Manitoba Moose…

  9. JRoy. says:

    BOOOOOOOOO Moose….

  10. Luke Miguez says:

    Team’s going to be named the Winnipeg Jets.  The “Jets” hysteria isn’t about to subside and there will be people in Manitoba, like it or not, who’ll never accept a team named anything but the Jets.  True North may have had a name lined up before hand, but it’s plans on the matter at this point are derailed.

  11. M Remis says:

    As per naming rights. MTS has them locked up until 2013, I’m sure the announcement is just a contract extension.

  12. I agree! Crawford would be a terrible choice. I’d stick with Ramsay w/Noel as Asst. Coach. Ramsay knows the players.

  13. Ramsay as coach, try and get Noel as Asst. Coach for one season to get to know the players.

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