News (6/11) you can use: Latest on Return of the NHL to Winnipeg

Posted by David Minuk in Daily Papers,News You Can Use on June 11, 2011 — 3 Comments

National Post:  Winnipeg arena the ‘perfect size’.   Creating a demand for the ticket was a very smart move by True North.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Snyder’s legacy to be carried on.  Very impressive on True North’s behalf and a move that will sit well with fans in Georgia I’m sure.

Montreal Gazette:  A little advice for the new GM.  Now that’s some good advice.

Ottawa Citizen:  What really is in a name for Winnipeg fans?  After the return of NHL hockey, it is easily the most talked about question for everyone around here.

Winnipeg Sun:  What about Ramsay?  He does deserve an answer, sooner rather than later.

Toronto Sun:  True North mulls honouring former Jets. I don’t think it should even require a mulling.  I’m sure Phoenix won’t have a problem giving back our former players, who never played for that franchise.

Other News:

The Telegram:  Stan the Man. Always interesting to read about the “unflashy” types who are usually responsible, although not often credited with achieving a deal.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Quebec City ‘Peladome’ on ice. That’s a shame.  Would love to see a Nordiques jersey in near future.


Howling Hockey:  New deal on table.  I don’t understand how the COG hasn’t continued to display a sense of urgency.  While it is true that there aren’t too many ideal destinations for the Coyotes, they should remember that when Carolina moved from Hartford they played a couple of seasons not in Raleigh.  As well you’d have to imagine that the NHL will be drawing down from the additional 25 million that they got from the COG.

  • I like the idea of hiring a consultant like Bowman but don’t see this organization wanting to make a “splash” too quickly.

  • Luke Miguez

    Can’t say that I’m too eager to see NHL hockey in Quebec City if it means that the tax payers of Quebec get completely hosed by Quebecor.  

    If Quebec City isn’t going to be ready to take in the Coyotes by next off season, the question becomes which cities are ready to take them in?  Kansas City? Hamilton?

  • I can’t tell you how long I’ve been saying that MTS is the perfect size for Winnipeg.  Chipman and Co. are absolutely genius in putting together their business plan the way they did.  They have created an artificial demand for tickets that will last for years, making tickets a complete luxury item that people are dying to get their hands on.  I see nothing but success in the future of this franchise with Chipman at the wheel.