June 11th Illegal Curve Radio Show: Guest Previews

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Tune into Sports Radio 1290 this Saturday, June 11th, 2011 from 9 AM CST until 12 PM CST as the guys discuss all the latest in the NHL.  Going to be an action packed 3 hours as we review Friday night’s Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals, preview Monday’s Game 6 and of course, discuss the latest NHL returning to Winnipeg news.

This Saturday’s guests include;

General Manager of the unnamed NHL team in Winnipeg, Kevin Cheveldayoff

Senior Vice-President and Director of Hockey Operations and Assistant GM Craig Heisinger

The Illegal Curve crew will be taking your calls (204-780-1290), reading your tweets (Twitter: @illegalcurve), and answering your emails (info@illegalcurve.com).

Be sure to join in on the Cover it Live chat taking place throughout the show on www.illegalcurve.com

One response to “June 11th Illegal Curve Radio Show: Guest Previews”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think Chevaldayoff is a fantastic hire given his background and his most recen success within an organization like the Blackhawks.  My concern with True North and the management decisions made to date is in the hiring and prominent role of Mr. Heisinger.  Let me say upfront that I’m fully supportive of someone working their way up through an organization, gaining increasing responsibility and importance along the way, and Heisinger has worked hard to continue to be promoted.  However, this is now the NHL that he’s working with, and I question whether he has the background, training, business acumen, education, or on the job training for these titles.  Is he connected in NHL management circles, will he have enough credibility to deal with other clubs successfuly, does he have the aptitude and background to deal with the NHL cap, all majore questions.  I’m all for promoting within, but up to a certain level only, and I question if Heisinger has been given too much, and the organization is sacrificing much needed NHL savvy, experience, and brain power for this position.  My call is True North should have brought in outside talent to replace Heisinger in the current role, but give Heisinger some other position in the org that isn’t so critical to their all up success.

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