News (6/7) you can use: Latest on Return of the NHL to Winnipeg

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Star-Tribune:  Former Wild coach Todd Richards is a wanted man. Interesting to note.

According to sources, the Winnipeg franchise has already reached out to Richards and plans to interview him in the near future for an assistant coaching position.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Prospect of an NHL team in Quebec takes a hitIs this posturing or legit?  With all the will they/won’t then talk we in Manitoba were subjected to, you can never be too sure.  Someone might want to tell these guys as the Nordiques Nation is one of the most rabid fan bases calling for their team to return.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Cheveldayoff accepts GM positionWe will learn more at the press conference.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Byfuglien excited to play in new NHL homeAnd we are excited to have him on the team.

Globe and Mail:  Winnipeg waiting on a nameThis is a close 2nd in terms of the fan anticipation, behind only the announcement that a team was returning.

Winnipeg Free Press:  The price of hockey greatness.   Which is why it’s nice to see that we have some visionaries in our city.

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Winnipeg Free Press:  NHL schedule to be released within weeksHow exciting a time will it be when we actually get to see our team scheduled for play next season.  And as Stevie from NYC wrote, the real fun will come when we get to start dividing our seats and choosing our games.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Fans going Wild over tickets to draft.   With St. Paul being so close, not a surprise that Manitoba fans would want to head down to cheer on their 1st draft choice in 15 years.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Chipman to meet with NHL brassAbout the only thing the NHL should do when he walks into the meeting is give him a standing ovation for saving them.

Toronto Star: Winnipeg’s house cleaning leaves lingering questionsAnd had they not started fresh, that too could have resulted in questions.  It is Canada.  Question’s will be asked regardless of result.

Global Winnipeg:  True North says 100’s of tickets could go back on the marketEven if a couple of hundred suddenly come available, I guarantee that those guys would be replaced on the waiting list.

Edmonton Journal:  Call them the Manitoba MonarchsI would guess that at this point we are down to  a couple of names left that True North is kicking around, so the time for suggesting new monikers is over.

Times & Transcript:  Ted Nolan wants to coach againI’ve always liked Nolan and couldn’t figure out why he’s remained out of hockey for as long as he has.

Windsor Star:  NHL should thank CanadiansGood points across the board.


SB Nation Atlanta:  No Steve Belkin won’t save Thrashers.   This is why you should always take a twitter “source”  with a grain of salt.

SB Nation Detroit:  Top NHL Relocation/Expansion citiesWhile this no longer applies to us (thankfully), we can’t forget about the cities that have supported our re-entry to the NHL in their quest to get NHL hockey back.

Yahoo Sports:  Winnipeg NHL tickets a hot commodityThankfully True North is clamping down and hopefully this will result in local fans getting a chance to purchase tickets.

SB Nation Atlanta:  Nashville Predators offering Atlanta fans special ticket package.   Gotta give the Nashville organization a lot of credit.  Expect the Winnipeg franchise to model itself after the Preds.

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28 responses to “News (6/7) you can use: Latest on Return of the NHL to Winnipeg”

  1. “Toronto Star: Winnipeg’s house cleaning leaves lingering questions” It seems a Toronto paper responsible for one miserable, negative article per day…

  2. Drew Mindell says:

    I was stressing out waiting for this to be posted this AM!

  3. Anonymous says:

    On the topic of relocation, once again, what the heck is the NHL going to do over the next season if the Coyotes continue to languish in the desert?  Let’s be honest, they are at risk of losing one of their top 3 assets in Bryzgalov, and they will not be the team they have been the past 2 seasons.  Its been proven over the past 17 years that if the talent and the wins disappear, so do the fans.  But what truly are the NHLs options?  Quebec, owners, but no arena.  Kansas City, arena, but no owners.  Is it possible we will see an announcement of a 2-3 year lame duck period in Phoenix to get an arena thrown up in Quebec city?

  4. Drew Mindell says:

    I am voting for contraction. Nothing personal, but there truly aren’t enough “real” NHL players to account for 30 teams. Lets contract 6 of the struggling franchises (or so) and get back to the quality of hockey we were used to seeing in the late 1980’s, early 1990’s…..hmmm, maybe it’s time to write an article/rant along these lines.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh i could write on contraction for hours, bc i completely agree with you.  Enough of this watered down talent, and at times, poor hockey, just to appear to be competing with other major North American sports, in terms of number of cities represented.  I want good quality hockey, in cities where it is supported all the time, not just during win streaks.  I’m in the mind that 22-24 teams is plenty right now, until they are able to ‘grow the sport’ as Bettman says, on a larger scale down south.

  6. Never going to happen guys.  NHL won’t contract.  Now moving teams to where they will get better support isn’t such a bad thing.

  7. Matt Hink says:

    With Damien Cox at the helm, negativity is the name of the game.  His goal in being a journalist has long appeared to be simply to annoy people.

  8. I agree with Dave, it’ll never happen. The players won’t allow it because they will lose jobs and the owners will lose revenues. Might as well move it to places that will support it (Quebec City/Hamilton/Toronto)

  9. Michael Remis says:

    I agree with Dave, it’ll never happen. The players won’t allow it because they will lose jobs and the owners will lose revenues. Might as well move it to places that will support it (Quebec City/Hamilton/Toronto)

  10. Anonymous says:

    Trust me, i fully understand that we will not see contraction until i am commissioner, or Drew it appears…but for now, it seems the only logical solution in my mind…..

  11. Anonymous says:

    Aww, my last comment disappeared.  But yes, i know contraction will never happen until i am commissioner, or maybe Drew as well, but in my mind, in this era of the NHL, i dont see many other options.  Of all the cities we regularly talk about, which ones have the combination of a ready to go arena, and will owners with deep pockets to support lean years?

  12. Jen Massley says:

    So torn on the naming issue.  Love the Jets but like the Falcons name and possible logo.  How accurate is the one above?

  13. Drew Mindell says:

    On the heels of the Nathan Horton decapitation attempt from last night, the truth is that if the NHL wants to do away with hits like that, contraction is the way to go about it. Better players, more skilled players, mean the head shots wont occur as often, simply because the players who typically resort to those actions won’t be in the NHL. Less players=more skill=less goonery

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thats actually one of the more logical points ive heard in a while.  I never thought of it that way, but its absolutely true.  You should write a rant/article on this Drew!

  15. Ryan Moharid says:

    Good points.  My guess is NHL waits for QC to build arena then moves Phoenix.

  16. Ryan Moharid says:

    Falcons.  I know everyone wants Go Jets Go, but c’mon people you can still chant “Let’s Go Falcons”.

  17. Mike Fraser says:

    Right now owners and the NHL have dollar signs in their eyes. With Winnipeg instantly becoming number six in revenue, one of the struggling teams will be put on the fast track to Quebec. Of course at the top of the list is Phoenix. Contraction is not an option especially with Canada presenting itself as a goldmine for the NHL.
    Look to see the NHL suddenly drop all heroic efforts to keep the Coyotes in Phoenix, and suddenly get very cozy with Quebec. Thats my prediction.

  18. Luke Miguez says:

    Can’t go with anything else other than the Jets.  

    On the relocation/contraction front.  I figure that the Phoenix Coyotes will relocate to Quebec City, potentially as early as next summer.

  19. If Glendale decides that it is not going to support the Coyotes anymore and no one wants to keep the team there the NHL will put the team up for sale to anyone who can buy it. Is there anywhere in Quebec they could put up a team while they fast track the completion of building? The old Colisee?

    Name? Sorry for beating the drum of the majority. But I’m a supporter of the Jets name. I think the old name re-imagined is just fine. The mob gets what they want and TNSE gets their marketing exposure.

    Next. Regardless of the team name. Do we get a new petition fired up requesting the return of the Winnipeg banners from the Coyotes? I say yes.

    Last, how many season tickets are going to become available because no shows up to claim their seats. I hope all those scalpers out there who were never going to a game anyway lose all their deposits and their chance at making cash on the true fans in Winnipeg.

    Sorry for the long post but I’m on my way to work and had a lot to say!

  20. Luke Miguez says:

    If they name the team the ‘Falcons’ people are still going to chant Go Jets Go at the games regardless.  True North would be definitely swimming upstream on this issue, and it sucks away most of their momentum from the season ticket drive.

  21. Larry Plett says:

    Cox is exactly what his last name suggests……

  22. Larry Plett says:

    The tidal wave of support continues to swell in favour of the Jets name.  Can’t see TNSE going against popular opinion.

    They can totally re-design it but people want Jets.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I sure hope youre right, and at the same time, i cant see how you could be wrong.  Is it too soon to start a name debate for Quebec City?  😉

  24. Anonymous says:

    Contraction to improve the game?  The game is absolutely unbelievable right now!  The playoffs have been bar-none the most exciting in years and years, maybe ever?   The Canadiens run last year, Philly’s miracle comeback, the Chicago/Vancouver series 3 years straight.  Maybe the regular season isn’t as ‘exciting’ as it used to be but when it matters,  in the playoffs, the excitement, competitiveness and overall gameplay has been superb and you cannot deny this.  Forget contraction, just lose the teams that don’t make any money!

  25. Jamie Coran says:

    I agree.  We won’t ever go back to the 80’s when even grinders got 70 points.  NHL is what it is, but the playoffs are always gts.

  26. Luke Miguez says:

    Quebec City’s prospective ownership group has already said that they’d go with the ‘Nordiques’.  Not much of a debate!

  27. Luke Miguez says:

    I figure if anything is dampening the Stanley Cup Final at the moment it’d be the ridiculous 2 day breaks.

  28. M Remis says:

    Would be interesting to see if the team wasn’t called Jets, if fans will still chant Go Jets Go as they have been doing since Brunt’s article

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