Drama in the Desert & Dixie: NHL retreat from Atlanta far from strategic, CBC’s Friedman suggests Thrashers hurtling towards Manitoba, Whose ready to see a Phoenix/Winnipeg game?

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Atlanta Journal Constitution:  Hawks for sale!  Thrashers for sale!  But only one stands to exit.

Miami Herald:  Thrashers-to-Winnipeg story is bad news for BettmanOf course while many in Winnipeg are not fond of the Commissioner for what they saw (fair or not) as his lack of effort to save the Jets, perhaps he will be able to bounce back when/if a team returns.  Who am I kidding, the boo birds will rain down the moment he steps foot in the MTS Centre.

XM Radio (audio):  Dale Hawerchuk interviewHow great is #10?  Man crush time.  Great interview to listen to.  I like how pensive he sounds when asked if he might be a future head coach of the Winnipeg Jets.  Considering that his old wing man Paul MacLean is an assistant in Detroit, perhaps it’s time to reunite the 80’s boys in Winnipeg.

CBC:  30 Thoughts (Items #3 & 4).  Well at least the Moose have a new logo and not the old “friendly” one.

TSN:  Dreger ReportRealignment talk and discussion of Anson Carter’s interest in buying Thrashers.

Globe and Mail:  Would the new Jets be called the MooseLet’s hope not.  With all due respect to True North, there is almost no affinity for the Moose with the majority of people in Winnipeg.  Poll after poll would seem to indicate sameOf course perhaps this is why there hasn’t been any leaking of a potential team name.    Would you want team to be called Moose?  Sound off in comments.

National Post:  It seems the NHL is only willing to play one shell game at a timeStill surprised that the COG saved the Yotes.  Perhaps like Councillor Lieberman, they are hoping Balsillie will come back into the game.

Toronto Star:  NHL retreat from Atlanta far from strategicInteresting to note that the schedule is released on the 15th according to Cox, not the 22nd as had been previously mentionedI don’t know about you but on my imaginary calendar, I already have 1 game scheduled.

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National Post:  True North learns from Balsillie’s blundersStill have to wonder if the NHL couldn’t have straightened out this Balsillie mess.  Financially he’s clearly the type of owner the NHL needs.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Will Thrashers have more class than CoyotesI think Doug Brown’s first mistake is assuming that Phoenix has a PR department on staff.  And as we learned when we interviewed Thrashers goalie Chris Mason on Saturday’s Illegal Curve Radio show (every Saturday from 9am cst to 12pm cst on Sports Radio 1290), some players at least won’t have a problem playing in the Peg’.

National Post:  Still waiting for X-mas in WinnipegGreat read by Bruce ArthurPeople in the city have curbed their enthusiasm until an announcement from True North is forthcoming.

CBC: Thrashers’ Rollercoaster Ride Hurtling Toward Winnipeg?. Elliotte Friedman with an optimistic piece here for Winnipeg fans. He sums up the story nicely, the Thrashers will lose $32 million next year, they’d rather fill their arena with concert dates, nobody wants to buy the team and pay the lease because they will lose money. Enter…True North.

Sportsnet:  Teams on the moveInteresting sentence in the article was this;

……Commissioner Bettman wouldn’t comment on the agreement, but a source told Sportsnet that “Gary has promised Winnipeg a team for this year”.


Bird Watchers Anonymous:  Is this the End of the ThrashersDoes Gary Bettman have one more rabbit to pull out of his hat.

Behind the Net:  On hockey returning to WinnipegOur guest on the IC Radio show this past Saturday, Gabriel Desjardins isn’t too happy with the Star’s Damien Cox.

The Malik Report:  If things keep rolling the way they are between Atlanta and Winnipeg, stick with Jimmy DMore talk of division realignment.


TSN:  What should Winnipeg’s team be calledAs we learned from the 500+ votes that were cast, most are still tied to the name, Winnipeg Jets.

CBC:  Where would you like to see an NHL teamEither people in Winnipeg have a lot of internet access, or across the board, people are feeling the love for the Peg’ as it currently leads the poll.

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  • wow.  seeing that game scheduled actually gets me so pumped up.  

  • I ? seeing the game scheduled for so many reasons.  means team back in
    peg.  means team called jets.  and means city get to watch the hated

  • Hate the Moose name.  Go back to Jets.

  • mremis

    Pretty sure the majority of people want them to be the Jets, and be able to chant Go Jets Go. 

  • Remis – no question that people want Jets.  As our own IC poll determined back in April the Winnipeg Jets brand name is the overwhelming favorite

    Of course since it appears that Atlanta is the team on the move, many see True North moving in a totally new direction.

  • This is me being cynical and negative but I have a strange and sad feeling that all this hype is for not.  It is truly amazing that TNSE is in Atlanta trying to break a deal, but the end of the day, Bettman wants the team in Atlanta.  By the sounds of it, new players are at the table and the initial media reports suggest they are ‘long shots’…. BUT in today’s backwards financial world of economics, I can see one of these other would-be owners either striking a shady deal or getting some sort of financing done to keep this team in ATL.  I know we should ‘stay positive’ and ‘keep the faith’ and I’ve done so ever since the Jets left but this is the same old song and dance every year.  Media outlets know that everyone is hockey hungry this time of year and would love nothing more than people flocking to their sites for the latest ‘update’ on an interesting side-story (ie. Winnipeg saga).  I’m not suggesting that’s what this site does; this site and jetsowners.com are the forerunners on informing locals and the world abroad what the latest is on our situation and I thank them for that.  I JUST watched Dreger on TSN declare that we would be in the SOUTHEAST (lol) if we do in fact get a team.  Again, seemingly such exciting news (they speak as though the team is already here — Hodge running another poll as to what to call the team)…. BUT THEY ARE NOT HERE YET!  Prove me wrong Atlanta Spirit.  Prove me wrong Bettman.  Prove me wrong TNSE! Please, I beg you. 

  • Jessie i too am a bit cynical because like you i think buttman will go to any length to keep team away from wpg.  i hope i’m wrong