Return of the Jets: How do I pay for tickets?

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Who would have thought that we would get to the point where people are now worried about how they are going to pay for Season Tickets for an NHL team in Winnipeg.  While it is still speculative it is likely worth discussing since people are worried/concerned about what they will need to do in a relatively short period of time.

I’ve seen and heard all sorts of speculation about this topic since Gary Lawless wrote his piece in the Winnipeg Free Press discussing the idea that True North is expected to trigger a season ticket sales campaign in the coming weeks.

Some fans are thinking that they are going to need to ante up between $4,000.00 to $8,000.00 by next week to become a part of the new NHL tradition in the city of Winnipeg.  Others are wondering how they can pay for 3 season’s worth of Season Tickets at once.

Many NHL teams have developed creative means of allowing their fans to pay for Seasons Tickets without needing to empty the bank in one fell swoop.  Using the Detroit Red Wings as an example, they have an agreement with a company called eLayawaySPORTS.

Like traditional layaway, eLayawaySPORTS is a payment processor that allows the Red Wings’ Season Ticket Holders to customize payments for their season tickets over time.  These customized weekly or monthly payments are automatically deducted from customers’ bank accounts on a specific payment dates selected by the consumer.  The technology charges a 1.9% flat transaction fee and zero interest.

While teams might have a policy that requires fans to sign on for more than 1 season at a time, there won’t be a need to break open the piggie banks or cash those RRSP’s just to pay for Season Tickets in one lump sum.

Even the AHL’s Manitoba Moose currently allow you to pay for your seats on a monthly basis.  Richard Tapper of Sports Radio 1290 program ‘On the Sidelines’ told me that he has 2 seats which he’s splitting with 2 other guys for a total cost of $1,800.00.  The Moose split the charges 3 ways ($600.00/per) and charged each guy $100.00 a month for 6 months.

So it’s time that everyone calms down, enjoy some playoff hockey, head to Earls Main for a beer and when TNSE puts out the call, be ready to answer it in whatever capacity that requires.

  • hbomb

    The pick up game at Portage and Main will be free for all fans when we celebrate our Jets coming back home!

  • An unnamed source at TSN is reporting that for his hard work on The Drama in The Desert feature, David Minuk will be offered three years of top notch season tickets from True North.

  • @hbomb – Will be the biggest event at Portage & Main since Bobby Hull signing.

    @Ezra – ha, I wish. But I will be paying for my tickets like everyone from Winnipeg will be doing to support the team. As David Puddy said (about the Devils)….

  •  I set up a Facebook sites to hook strangers up to go in on season’s tix: