Appearance on Blue Line Hockey Talk Radio

Posted by Richard Pollock in Illegal Curve News on December 22, 2009 — No Comments

Last night I had the opportunity to appear on Blue Line Hockey Talk Radio.  The show’s host, Millian, asked me all about how the website got started, details about the radio show and much more about IC.

Here is a little bit about Blue Line Hockey Talk Radio from their website:

The BlueLine: Hockey Talk Radio is the new generation of sports talk radio. The program centers its content exclusively on the love of NHL hockey, and the pulse of today’s modern game. Not mired in stats, scores and recaps, but living and breathing with the soul and spirit of the game itself. The show serves the most important piece to the hockey puzzle—the fans.

On this show, the fans matter the most. Subjects discussed include the state of the current game, the future of the sport, how the fans are affected, and in-depth thought on the current events that are shaping the league’s history. Loaded with light-hearted humor, driving sarcasm and honest thought, this program takes a weekly critical look at the people, places and events that make this game move forward.

You can listen to the interview here.

Here is a link to the Blue Line Hockey Talk Radio website where you can listen to a bunch of other interesting interviews.  As well, you can follow BLHTR on Twitter and Facebook.