Nightly Hockey Hits: With a Cherry on top

Posted by Richard Pollock in Nightly Hockey Hits on December 15, 2009 — 1 Comment

Here is the some end of day news from around the Hockey World:

  • Elliotte Friedman’s weekly 30 thoughtsThere are many good notes in there–my favorite was the Miikka Kiprusoff story.
  • Scott Morrison tells us that not everyone at the Board of Governors meeting thinks that Phoenix is a suitable hockey market.  I still don’t understand how Ice Edge Holdings plans to take on that lease.  I must be missing something.
  • Stars first round pick Scott Glennie has suffered a concussion at Canada’s training camp and won’t be playing for the World Junior team in Saskatchewan.  Glennie is a talent but his play wasn’t at top level prior to the injury.
  • Don Cherry has the full support of Hockey Night in Canada after this recent bizarre incidentI don’t get why Cherry is being raked over the coals since the comments over the weekend.  Cherry may like hard-hitting hockey and there is nothing wrong with that.  In fact, he is always a proponent of getting rid of this ridiculous equipment the players use and, to me, that’s why we see so many concussions in the first place.
  • Sports Illustrated’s Michael Farber wants the NHL to get rid of the rule that gives a team a point for losing.  Totally agree.  I still miss ties–as odd as that sounds.
  • Richard, I heard that Cherry Rant last night, I dont’ know what the big deal is? So what Don said a few cuss words… I also like his rants on the equipment and the code as well.