Morning Papers Take: Pictures from Phoenix

Posted by Richard Pollock in Morning Papers take,NHL Morning Papers on December 4, 2009 — 5 Comments

On this week’s Radio Show, we talked about one of our friends heading to Phoenix to catch a couple of games this weekend.  Well, after seeing the Flames play the Coyotes last night in Glendale, he had much to say.  However, the pictures that he has sent along may say 1,000 words.

Phoenix Crowd 1

To add to the picture above, the announcers at the game in Glendale did not publicly announce the crowd.  On top of that, apparently the crowd was hoping equally for Calgary/Phoenix, maybe even a majority in favor of the Flames.

Phoenix Crowd 2

Moreover, our friends who attended the game sat in center ice box seats for the price of $40 per ticket.  As well, apparently a number of other boxes were completely empty.

As many people know, Glendale is quite a ways from central Phoenix, and apparently the cab ride is about 30 minutes from central Phoenix–which ended up being a $30 cab ride.

Phoenix Crowd 3

With about 5,000 fans on hand to see the Coyotes and Flames play (both good teams mind you), how on earth does the NHL plan to sell this team to someone willing to keep this team in Glendale? 

If this team is slated to lose $50 million, as some have reported, it appears the Coyotes are not long for Arizona.  The question I have is: Which city do you think the NHL will end up in next?  Apparently Gary Bettman says the MTS Centre in Winnipeg is big enough.  What about Quebec City?  Is Kansas City still a realistic option?  Las Vegas?  Or do you think this team can sustain itself in Arizona?

5 responses to “Morning Papers Take: Pictures from Phoenix”

  1. Drew says:

    I hear Albuquerque is a burgeoning hockey market. Bonus points for the fact the move wouldn’t be too cumbersome or lengthy.

  2. Jordan says:

    A couple of other notes from last nights game: Nobody here cares (or really knows anything) about hockey. We asked the cab driver (the one driving us to the game) about the status of the Coyotes. He said, “Doesn’t a hockey player own that team?” We asked if he was referring to Wayne Gretzky. He had never heard of that name before. Welcome to hockey in the dessert.

    We saw one group of 5-6 people sporting Jets jerseys. We would have been as well, except our luggage didn’t arrive.

    Without question, way more Flames fans and jerseys and Coyotes’….maybe 85 % Flames, 14% Coyotes and 1% Jets.

    I will try to take some pictures at tomorrow’s game vs the Sens. I trust there will again be more Sens fans than Coyotes fans especially with an NBA game that night.

  3. Ezra Goberg says:

    MTS Centre has enough capacity? Child please….you could increase annual attendance over Phoenix even if this team played its home games outside at Sir John Franklin!

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