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Last night’s Radio Show has been archived.

Yesterday’s guests were Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch and Craig Custance of The Sporting News.

With Portzline, we discussed the whole Nikita Filatov incident and what lies ahead for both sides.  With Custance, we spoke about a myriad of hot-topic hockey issues including a possible Ilya Kovalchuk extension, the Thrashers franchise as a whole, what one scout had to say about Coyotes coach Dave Tippett, the Blackhawks’ cap issues and much more.

Additionally, the crew discussed the question of whether Eric Lindros is a Hall of Famer and broke down what the prospective contract extensions for Toews, Kane and Keith means for the Blackhawks moving forward.

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The IC Team

  • Bob Roberts

    I’ve installed this edition of the Radio Show on my ipod and I’m off to enjoy it while taking the dogs for a long walk on the beach. Might stop for a coffee at some point and enjoy it outside; it’s a lovely day out there.

    Thanks for the Radio Show and IC in general, I enjoy it very much and appreciate your effort in putting it out.

    My wife and I leave for vacation early next week, returning the last week of February, so I’m afraid you’ll just have to survive the winter without my amazingly witty and insightful comments until then.

    (Don’t worry, I’ll still be able to watch the games on my brandnew supercool laptop wherever there’s a hotspot thanks to my nephew and NHLCI and something called a Sony “slingbox”! I just knew you were about to panic on that front, so be assured I’ve got it covered.)

    As ever,


  • Bob, if you are watching games on your laptop, we will be expecting your usual witty and informative comments!

    Enjoy your vacation and thanks for the kind words.

    Hope you enjoy the show.

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