Wednesday Morning NHL Papers (Western Conference): Barry Trotz unhappy with clock management in Nashville, lack of interest in purchasing Coyotes and was there a yelling match in the Flames dressing room last night?

Posted by Richard Pollock in NHL Morning Papers on November 18, 2009 — 3 Comments

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  • rusty

    You know things are bad in Edmonton when the return of JF Jacques and Ryan Stone are cause for celebration.

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  • Bob Roberts

    “Michael Arace of the Columbus Dispatch doesn’t approve of Ken Hitchcock’s decision making concerning Filatov.”

    I’m with Michael on this one. Lighten up Ken! Clamping down on the opposition and checking them tightly with your system is great, but you need to ease up on some players: EVERYONE on your team can’t be a terrific two-way player — you don’t have enough goal-scoring talent to make that work.

    “Chris Osgood has the flu, so Jimmy Howard starts tonight for Detroit against Dallas.”

    Is there a word that perfectly describes the size of Howard’s oportunity here? “Huge” is so overused and “gigantic” doesn’t really cover it, does it? The team is starting to roll and no one will fault Babcock for staying with the hot hand he had to play with good guy Ozzie on the shelf. No pressure though Jimmy.

    “The Flames feel that they could have won last night but for a couple mental lapses.”

    It’s a long season, there are going to be lapses. And wasn’t this the dreaded “first game back from a road trip”? And the “…Avalanche got back to their style of play last night and Craig Anderson was sharp with 34 saves,…” as well.

    “A quarter of the way into the season, the Canucks have only been average, writes Jason Botchford.”

    OK, thinking caps on: Which NHL GM is known for his “just stay in the middle of the pack until after Christmas” philosophy?

    [Randy Carlyle is] hoping the team’s closed-door meeting in Pittsburgh is the turnaround point of the season.

    There, that’s better. The homestand is huge, that’s for sure. If the Leafs and ‘Canes are “out of it” with only 4 points less than them, the Ducks must be at least “on the brink”, right?

    “The Kings host Philadelphia tonight.”

    What’s the expression? Oh yes: “must game”. Smyth has been a big factor for the Kings, so with him out the Flyers will be even more of a challenge. Excellent second game of the double-header.

    ‘ “Bettman already took a shot across the bow this week from Kevin Compton, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist and co-owner of the San Jose Sharks. Compton told the Sports Business Daily the whole Coyotes saga was “a joke” and the league needs Balsillie as an owner.
    “Jim loves hockey,” Compton said. “Jim’s got a lot of money. Jim’s got a lot of passion.” Compton also said he is certain Balsillie will become an NHL owner some day. When it was pointed out the league is keeping Balsillie out, Compton shot back that “owners aren’t.”
    Sure hope this guy turns up in Pebble Beach.’

    Ooops! This guy’s not “The Man” in the Shark ownership group, but Gary won’t like this. Maybe Compton should skip Pebble Beach.