Morning Papers Take: Hurricane season is over

Posted by Richard Pollock in Carolina Hurricanes,Morning Papers take,NHL Morning Papers on November 5, 2009 — 3 Comments

This morning in the Eastern Conference Morning Papers, Chip Alexander of the News & Observer wrote about the Hurricanes’ struggles:

The Florida Panthers outlasted the Canes 3-0 on Wednesday night at BankAtlantic Center. Make it 10 straight losses for the Hurricanes, who played without center Eric Staal for the first time since 2004 and whose misery and frustration continues.

Good thing the Leafs and Hurricanes are playing tonight because one of these teams needs a glimpse of hope.  In reality, both teams have little, if any, chance at a playoff spot.  A couple days ago, I wrote about the Leafs’ chances at making the playoffs and today I felt like it’d be unfair if I wrote only about the Leafs’ struggles and not about the Hurricanes–a team that has actually played worse than Toronto. 

Simply, the Hurricanes are done.  The team has recorded seven points in fourteen games, just lost their best forward for two-to-four weeks and have lost ten straight games.  With 68 games remaining in the Canes’ season, the team would have to go 43-25 (not counting overtime losses) to reach last season’s playoff threshold (93 points for the Habs).  That means, the Hurricanes would have to win 63% of the team’s remaining games. 

You know what they say about the Stanley Cup, you can’t win it in October, but you sure can lose it.  The Hurricanes are evidence of just that.

  • Bob Roberts

    You may be right, but I wouldn’t count either team out just yet Richard.

  • Bob,

    I would. I don’t think that team can win 64% of their games remaining. Let’s think of it this way; if the Canes were to play that way over the course of the entire season, they’d record about 104 points. No chance that happens.

  • Bob Roberts

    There are other teams playing too, though. Who’s to say other teams won’t hit the skids? In economics, removing a debit is the same as adding a credit. Same principle here, I’m thinking.

    Also, while I know neither the Canes nor the Leafs have AO, wasn’t Washington pretty much out of it when they got a new coach one year and then… (And the Caps were doing very poorly WITH AO & Co. prior to that run.)

    It looks bleak, no doubt; and as I said, you may be right…but stranger things things have happened.

    By the way: where’s Drew? I don’t see a comment from him. Is there a draft in here? Do I feel a CHR blowing in?