Nightly Hockey Hits: Playing well early can really impact getting into the post season, Habs won’t win the way they are going, Some Peter Forsberg news, Should hockey players wear pink – ever?

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Word from across the blogs:

  • SenSay:  First 8 to 38.  Just goes to show you how crushing a slump early in October can really hurt your chances to make the post season.
  • Lions in Winter:  Habs won’t win the way they are going.  Very interesting article. (as per usual).
  • The Reusch Blog:  Is Sergei Kostitsyn worth the aggravation?  Sure seems like he has a lot of baggage.  Tell him to stop fighting with Gomez and start scoring some goals.
  • Maple Leags Hot Stove:  Gustavsson Good for Monday?  They need some stability back there.  With all the reports of a trade, hopefully the Monster can get the Leafs in the win column.
  • Frozen Leafs:  Channel that aggression.  Just too much truculence for their own good.  Time to reign it in.
  • Spector:  The trouble with Nylander.  What the Caps wouldn’t do to give up that Cap hit.
  • Broad Street Hockey:  Has the season even started yet?  That is a seriously condensed schedule for an already short season.  Not sure why the league felt the need to take this siesta two weeks in.
  • PensBurgh:  Pens first new defense pairings take shape.  With the Pens flying high, it will be interesting to see how this changes chemistry (if at all).
  • Flames Insider:  Moss skating with team, could suit up Saturday.  The high scoring Flames must be giving Coach Sutter heart palpatations with the lack of a defensive game.  Expect them to tighten this up.
  • Snapshots:  Former Wing Chris Chelios makes first comments about NHLPA’s review committee, says his only agenda is restoring player trust in union.  While his intent seems genuine, there still appear to be a battle brewing within the PA itself.
  • Motown Wings:  Lining it Up, Part 2: Wings Special Teams Production Through 7.  Nice to see how big an impact Dan Cleary is having on special teams.
  • Morning Skate:  Jackman still not ready to practice, Brewer getting closer.  The Blues need these guys to be healthy if they expect to get back on track.
  • Working the Corners:  A tale of two Ryan(e)s, praise for Sharks’ fourth line — and guess who’s been skating in San Jose?  While it was assumed that the Sharks top lines would have success, it is really good news that the fourth line is playing well.
  • ESPN’s Pierre Lebrun:  Carlyle on Ducks’ early-season struggles: ‘We have to accept responsibility’.  He is a solid coach, who needs to get his players back on track.
  • All things Avs:  McLeod update, Forsberg note.  All this time it seemed like he would end up on the East Coast (assuming he returns) but might he make his way back and play for the Avs?
  • Puck Update:  Blues and Lighting looking for earlier goals.  It would appear not only are they looking for goals in the 1st, it would be nice if they could stop some in that period as well.
  • NHL Fanhouse:  Analyzing goalies as Martin Brodeur nears record.  Not to diminish Brodeur’s accomplishment’s but Sawchuk’s are all the more impressive considering he only played 60+ games 8 times in his career (compared to 12 for Brodeur) and he also didn’t have the benefit of OT wins.
  • On Frozen Blog:  Should hockey players wear pink – ever?  Absolutely.  If you notice the NFL did this a few weeks ago and some of the players are still wearing the shoes, gloves, sweat bands.  If it raises awareness, then they should do it.
  • Tips for Hockey:  Top 3 teams to watch this season.  Agree or disagree with Eric’s list?
  • The Hockey News:  Clear thinking must rule concussion debate.  Catchy title.  PTI had someone on last week who was talking about the serious consequences of hits (now he was talking in reference to football) but the NHL should do whatever it can to protect its players.
  • Puck Daddy:  The rookie of the year race is going to be bizonkers.  If it allows me to pull out my “I feel full after the Del Zotto” line all season long, then I will be a happy camper.  (anyone have a clue where the line comes from?).

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