Nightly Hockey Hits: Moustaches can save your face, Chiarelli continues Boston shake-up, couple of disgruntled players off to Russia, Savard to Leafs as UFA?

Posted by David Minuk in Nightly Hockey Hits on October 21, 2009 — 1 Comment

Word from across the blogs:

  • Slap Shot:  Rangers’ Dubinsky on U.S. Olympics teams radar.  He would look good in a Team USA jersey.
  • All Habs:  Sergei Kostitsyn suspended by Habs after leaving Bulldogs.  Looks like he’s going back to the USSR.
  • T.O. Sports:  Brain Burke, Is he selling Leaf Nation short?  Just doesn’t make sense to have thought that even “re-tooled” this team could compete with the Pens & Caps. 
  • Hockey Capital:  Zubov off to Russia.  Seems to be the popular place to head if you aren’t pleased with your lot in life.
  • Capitals Insider:  Nylander to Grand Rapids.  Looking for a call up to the Wings?  Kidding.
  • NHL Fanhouse:  Cam Ward: The best goalie hardly anyone knows.  Love that he writes “have fun” on his sticks.  Words to live by.
  • Flames Insider:  League’s busiest scorers, scrappers.  Just gotta clean up that 2nd period stat.
  • Lowetide:  Perfect.  Will Gagner be able to replace Horcoff in that role?
  • Fifth Feather:  Hawks talking points.  Some other topics to focus on rather than the standard.
  • The Hockey News:  Awarding Koivu captaincy gives Wild some direction.  Seems like he is very well liked by his teammates.  If only I could understand his Finnish blog.
  • Puck U:  Moustache saves White’s face.  And all this time I’ve been told it ruins your faceFunny post.
  • Brodeur is a Fraud:  Win thresholds for Cup finalists.  Always interesting numbers from BIAF.
  • From the Rink:  How NHL players have grown up.  Height isn’t always a blessing.  If you are above 6’5″, then chances are you aren’t likely to be in the top 10 of NHL scoring.
  • Spector’s Hockey:  Red Wings rumours.  Wings won’t be looking for any quick fixes.
  • NHL Rumours:  Savard to Leafs as UFA?, Chiarelli continues Boston shake-up.  Is Toronto the newest spot where former Bruins go to play?

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It’s almost enough to make you want to cheer for Selanne and Team Finland (almost):

  • I really think Boston’s trying to set up a playoff run later this year. They’re not focusing on anything but making their team better right now. A lot of other teams that are playing poorly are already looking at future seasons and increasing their depth. Boston’s shaking everything up and trying to make a playoff worthy team.