Prediction on UAA vs Michigan dead on.

Posted by goon in CHL & NCAA,Columns,Goon's World on October 16, 2009 — No Comments

A lot has been made about the Seawolves being one of the biggest teams in college hockey.  I have referred to the Seawolves ‘as being a perennial WCHA doormat team, a big, slow, lumbering team, with little recognizable talent.’  These comments brought me scorn from those who think otherise about UAA.  The fact remains that my prediction was spot on and said team was run out of their own rink by Michigan last weekend 6-2.  Not to blow my own horn but that’s pretty close to my 7-2 prediction.  I did watch the game and yes UAA did look pretty slow against CCHA powerhouse Michigan.  Using another analogy; one can put a screen door on an outhouse but it’s still an outhouse.

Here is what the College Hockey News had to say on the UAA Seawolves, “they are the tallest team in Division I hockey, averaging nearly 6-1, and the fifth heaviest, averaging 191.4 pounds. “We have size and we’ll play physical,” coach Dave Shyiak said. “We’re going to try to get in the top five.” Seven of the top 10 scorers are back.”

The fact remains that you can have a big hockey team.  There is nothing wrong with that, the Philadelphia Flyers are big but they can actually skate.  The questions remain, are the UAA going to be able to keep up with the opposition using a team this big, slow and lumbering, especially on the big ice surfaces.

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