Pictures from the Phoenix Coyotes 2nd home game – Where is everyone?

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We all saw the pictures from Game 1.  The whiteout was successful and the building was rocking.  Despite losing the game 2-0 to the Jackets, the deals that were widely available, had the arena pumping.  Hockey in the desert was alive!!

Home Opener

Now many pundits felt the true test would be whether or not the crowds would keep up once the fervor of the home opener died down.  While I’m sure many expected to see a slight drop from the home opener’s sellout crowd of 17,532 the pictures from Game 2 would seem to indicate that there has been a significant drop off.  When I initially saw these pictures, I thought that perhaps fans in Phoenix, like those in other cities (I’m looking at you Toronto), spend half the period out of their seats and that since the pictures were taken a minute into the 2nd period this was the reason that the building looked half empty.


But then you see this picture that was taken from the upper bowl of arena at the 13:47 mark of the second period and you realize that there just wasn’t anyone at the game;

Jobing Game 2

Now I am not sounding the death knell of the Yotes.  Clearly Shane Doan, who is just a tremendous player (and person) thinks a lot of Phoenix;

It’s just a special place here, and these fans really do care,” Doan said. “The whole team is just grateful for the people who do support us so passionately.”

But the question I have after seeing these pictures is, where have they all gone?  The Coyotes are going to have to continue to make major concessions to the people of Arizona to get them to come out.  Still, you would think that the second game of the season would have been a little better attended than what it appeared to be.  It should be interesting to see what the “announced crowd” will be.  Any guesses?

Update:  Announced attendance 6,899.  Dear Mama.

Update #2:  A look at all the Coyotes home games.

*Photos from Bluechipper

13 responses to “Pictures from the Phoenix Coyotes 2nd home game – Where is everyone?”

  1. Kevin says:

    The reason why they sold out opening night that easily is because all lower bowl tickets were $25, fees included, and $15 for upper bowl, and white t-shirts were given for free to all fans not wearing white. Else, I think it would have been somewhere around 14000-15000 for the opening night

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  3. Q says:

    from the AP:

    NOTES: There were approximately 5,000 fans in attendance, below the 6,899 official attendance figure given by the team that includes unused season tickets. …

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  5. goon says:

    that is pathetic for hockey attendance. I want someone to please tell me why Winnipeg wasn’t worthy of an NHL franchise while Phoenix was?

  6. dave says:

    Playing Devils Advocate, it was a Tuesday night. Perhaps that isn’t a good drawing days.

    Should be interesting to see the crowd on Saturday night when the Bruins are in-town.

  7. rj says:

    I’m a racing fan, and when race attendances are down, the cameramen try to do a creative job of making it so that you can’t see the stands at one part of the track by turning the camera more toward the inside of the track as cars go by.

    Looks like the Coyotes kind of did that with the lighting for the 2nd game.

  8. Eric L. says:

    I used to be really against moving the franchise to Winnipeg, but now I’m reconsidering. I wanted the team to stay with its fan base, but it doesn’t look like they have much of a fan base.

  9. Richard says:

    And this is only the second game of the season and the team is winning….

    Let’s check back for Game 20 it’ll probably make the above picture look flattering.

  10. Drew says:

    I have had it with all the Phoenix bashing on this site! Anyone can point out the negatives when there are less than 5000 fans at a professional sporting event, but where are the positive stories on the quality of the smokies at the arena??? They are positively scrumptious!


  11. Ross says:

    Weekday games have traditionally been a hard sell at the Glendale arena. I would think making even a 7:30p start time, rather then 7:00p, would make it more appealing to more fans. Traffic in Phoenix, as in any major metropolitan area, is not fan to cross between 5p and 7p. It’s a fact that the majority of the population in Phoenix is in the east valley, so these fans have to cross the city to get to the arena.

    Having been to every Phoenix home game, including pre-season, this year I will attest that attendance has been disappointing, but not unexpected. The summer of uncertainty, coupled with the fact that they were not even SELLING season tickets for about two months (from May 5th through late June), has greatly harmed ticket sales.

    The best way to increase this, as has been said along, is to win games. It feels like there’s already a bit of a buzz going around the city. The team that everyone had written off is playing well to start the season! If they continue, you will slowly start to see attendance pick up, but it will take time–possibly even most of the season. That’s if they play well…

    For the record, the upper bowl was considerably more packed on the sidelines then the lower bowl against St.Louis, though the ends were fairly sparse.

  12. dave says:

    Thanks Ross. It is always good when you can get a local perspective.

    Do you think that Saturday’s game against the Bruins will be better attended? How about next Thursday’s game versus the Wings?

      Eric L

    Should be interesting to see how the season progresses.


    No question that they didn’t pan high during the game. Even so it was obvious that the arena was empty.

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