Bob McCown versus Doug MacLean

Posted by Richard Pollock in General NHL on September 11, 2009 — 5 Comments

If you didn’t catch it today, Bob McCown of the Fan 590 and his former co-worker, and former NHL GM, Doug MacLean went at it on the Fan 590.  McCown was calling MacLean out on his comments about the Coyotes situation prior to deciding to join the Balsillie group as its special advisor.

Let’s just say MacLean did not react well. 

Click here to listen to the interview.

5 responses to “Bob McCown versus Doug MacLean”

  1. david says:

    That’s intense radio. Getting the McCown name wrong (twice) was a good start to the interview.

    Doug MacLean doesn’t back down. I always thought Paul Orndorff was “Mr. Wonderful” but apparently MacLean think McCown is.

    Worthwhile listen. End of interview is intense. Some memorable quotes from McCown:

    “He has never been civil before”

    “As long as I sit in this chair, that will be the last time you hear Doug MacLean on this program”

    “He is what he is and he is exactly what I thought he was”

  2. Martin says:

    MacLean has always been a jerk thinking he knows more than he does since he was in The NHL – He pulled the wool over the ex owner of The Blue Jackets until he died not making the playoffs etc despite having great draft picks most years – Then the owner son comes in fires Maclean & now The Jackets have a bright future but Maclean likes to take credit for the draft picks unfortuately Mr Maclean when in charge did not know how to make them work or maximize their returns…….

  3. JWB says:

    I have always thought Maclean was a fairly dense blowhard, riding on one unlikely run many moons ago, and this just adds more proof to the pudding. If you actually look at his individual ‘arguments’, they are nonsensical at best. He ascribes to the theory of debate that talking loud and over people, and making little personal, irrelevant quips throughout, will confuse and misdirect the conversation enough that a person might actually think he has a clue.

    He does not. I am NO fan of McCown, but Maclean makes him look like a saint.

  4. Richard says:

    I’ve grown tired of the demeaning nature of MacLean’s tone.

  5. Rusty says:

    Having met MacLean before, I can confirm the blowhard rumours. I have never before or since had an introduction to someone interrupted while he answered his phone, twice. I mean, how long does a hand-shake take?

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