Hockey Hits: Canucks GM inks Schneider while acquiring Ehrhoff and Lukowich from Sharks, Speculation abounds over a Heatley move and bringing sexy back, a look at the L.A. Kings Ice Girls.

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Some news and notes from across the blogs:

  • Fear the Fin:  Ehrhoff & Lukowich moved for prospects.  Looks like the Sharks are serious about shaking things up.  So far it appears that Shark fans are in favour of these moves.
  • Nucks Misconduct:  Gillis talks about the new Canucks cap issue.  Who knew that the Canucks would make such a big splash so late in August.
  • Working the Corners:  Analysis of the trade from a San Jose perspective.  Sharks back end is still pretty decent and this does free up some cap space.
  • Sens Chirp:  Is the Heatley camp getting desperate?  I think they were desperate a month back.  Now they must be beside themselves.  With the Sharks making a move I’m sure the speculation will be that it is a precursor to a trade but it doesn’t appear that Doug Wilson is sold on Heatley.
  • Crash the Crease:  Some analysis of the Sharks moves and what they might mean.  Still lots of speculation.
  • Stanley Cup of Chowder:  Help design Tuuka Rask’s winter classic helmet.  Guess he figures he isn’t getting traded before then.  I always like when they let fans get involved in design.  If you have any ability why not head over and help with it.
  • The Bruins Blog:  A reader rants about the NHL network.  The NHL continues to shoot itself in the foot by missing good opportunites to get itself into the prime time television slots in the U.S.
  • Mother Pucker:  Pictorial of Team Canada inter-squad game.  Some very nice pics, including a beauty of someone’s wife.
  • Four Habs Fans:  Bringing sexy back to Fridays, a look at the L.A. Kings ice girls.  Nothing wrong with bringing sexy back.
  • Melt Your Face Off:  Another installment of the what were they thinking.  Gotta love the ingenuity of hockey fans.
  • In Lou We Trust:  Why are you a fan of the New Jersey Devils.  Help a Devils blogger know why you like New Jersey.  I’d say the old school jerseys they will be wearing during their retro night versus Pittsburgh in 2010.

Tough finish for Tough Choice:
Tough Choice
He finished 3rd despite leading for almost the entire mile.