NHL Preseason Power Rankings: Futures Edition

Posted by Ari in Columns,Frozen Assets on August 22, 2009 — 2 Comments

This week I look at how sports books have ranked all 30 NHL squads and compared them to last year’s rankings. What’s changed?

Rank Team Previous Comment
1 Detroit Red Wings 1 Best team in NHL last few years
2 Pittsburgh Penguins 2 Defending Champs
3 San Jose Sharks 3 Perennial regular season monsters
4 Chicago Blackhawks 12 Young players getting better
5 Boston Bruins 19 Last year’s surprise team
6 Washington Capitals 6 Met expectations last year, few changes
7 Philadelphia Flyers 11 Pronger but questions in net
8 Calgary Flames 13 Bouwmeester
9 New Jersey Devils 9 Consistently in top 10
10 Anaheim Ducks 5 Fall in rankings after disappointing season
11 Vancouver Canucks 17 Exceeded expectations
12 Carolina Hurricanes 18 Played a strong second half in ’09
13 Montreal Canadiens 4 Failed to follow succesful ’08 campaign
14 New York Rangers 7 Questions on offense and defense
15 St. Louis Blues 26 Young, talented, strong finish to ’09
16 Ottawa Senators 10 Disappointing ’09, Heatley
17 Buffalo Sabres 20 Unable to recreate magic of previous years
18 Dallas Stars 8 Biggest disappointment of ’09
19 Edmonton Oilers 21 What’s changed since last year?
20 Minnesota Wild 15 Quietly disappointing year
21 Columbus Blue Jackets 25 Improve after 1st playoff birth in team history
22 Nashville Predators 24 What has changed?
23 Florida Panthers 22 Adjusted well under new coach
24 Los Angeles Kings 30 Improved but by how much?
25 Toronto Maple Leafs 27 Still building for the future
26 Tampa Bay Lightning 14 Think the books got this wrong last year
27 Colorado Avalanche 16 Suddenly rebuilding
28 Phoenix Coyotes 23 Team in turmoil
29 Atlanta Thrashers 29 The second worst team in the league…again
30 New York Islanders 28 The worst team in the league
  • diggerjohn111

    I think your rankings are very good, but I see the Islanders slowly improving. Garth Snow has done a good job with all the turmoil around the reluctant ownership, lack of an arena deal and the possibility of relocation always looming. I think Phoenix, with their own ownership owes (and lack of one), possibility of moving and minor league caliber roster will be the worst squad possibly since the old Cleveland Barons.

  • Ari

    I agree there’s a good chance Phoenix will be the worst team in the league. That franchise is pathetic.

    At least the Isles will be playing for the future, and with a healthy DiPietro they should be better than last year.

    One thing to keep in mind is that these are not my rankings, I have ranked teams in order of average lowest to highest odds of winning the Stanley Cup.