Hockey Hits: Are the Red Wings interested in Todd Bertuzzi?

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Some news and notes from around the blogs:

  • Snapshots:  Positing a Red Wings-related rumor, reservations included. George isn’t one for spreading rumours and this does come from the mouth of Red Wings senior vice-president Jimmy Devellano.  George ends his article stating he doesn’t believe the hype but suggests that when the Wings front office mentions a player by name, Wings fans should pay attention So perhaps take this with a grain of salt.
  • SenSay:  The Tortoise & the Hare.  Looking at some of the teams that are “sure bets” and other that aren’t in the Heatly sweepstakesI can’t see Heatley agreeing to go to the Panthers.  Didn’t he only want to play for a contender?  Well actually perhaps that’s not true if it’s true that he wanted to go to the Rangers.
  • Dobber Hockey:  Introduces us to the next great American defenseman.  The Capitals scouting staff deserves a major bonus if he turns out to be the stud defenceman they anticipate.
  • Crash the Crease:  Why to be a positive hockey fan for the Flames.   No question Flames fans should be positive.  The team did pretty well in the post season considering the injuries and with the addition of Bouwmeester, the power play might become one of the more dangerous ones in the NHL.
  • The Copper & Blue:  Shawn Horcoff on defensive zone draws, quality of competition and Andrew Cogliano.  No big surprises here.  Oilers need to add some depth.
  • In Lou We Trust:  Jacques Lemaire wants the New Jersey Devils to be a “Transition Team”.  Won’t it be interesting to see a Lemaire coached team play a non-trap style gameWanting to create speed should make the game more enjoyable for the fans to watch.
  • Faceoff Factor:  Why not Tangradi?  Makes a good argument as to why this young gun should be given the opportunity in camp.
  • Puck Daddy:  Five suggestions to improve the NHL network.  It amazes me how much people enjoy the classic games.  A buddy calls me everytime a Jets/Oilers playoff game is being televised.
  • The Hockey News:  30 Things to remember this Season.

One response to “Hockey Hits: Are the Red Wings interested in Todd Bertuzzi?”

  1. Johnny B says:

    I think you’re right. Heatley won’t come here, and we don’t want him. We’ve had enough trouble with a talented player who played lazy and blew games because he didn’t want to be here (see Bouwmeester, Jay).

    And for that trade scenario, it’s not that I wouldn’t be glad to see Horton go for a better player but it’s not happening for two reasons: number one, Heatley’s not it and number two, Keith Ballard isn’t going anywhere. Along with Weiss and Booth, he’s the other guy management is pushing as a face of the franchise. Additionally, he’s the team’s second best defenseman and not expendable for a forward. No matter how much the team needs one.

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