Blog Hits: What does it mean when you say someone is ‘a victim of a bad set of circumstances’

Posted by David Minuk in Blog Hits on July 23, 2009 — 2 Comments

Some news and notes from the Blogs today:

  • Cult of Hockey:  NHLPA boss Paul Kelly says that Dany Heatley would seriously consider playing for the Oilers.  Apparently Mr. Kelly would have fans believe that Heatley is ‘a victim of a bad set of circumstances’.  That’s one way of putting it.  One really bad way of course.  Does anyone actually know what this means?
  • Puck Daddy:  Hossa to have surgery tomorrow to repair rotator cuff tear; 4 month recovery.  Nobody in Detroit is crying over this one.  The irony is I was convinced that Hossa was injured in the 2nd last game of the season against…..Chicago
  • Snapshots:  The KHL’s stance on ‘restricted free agents,’ IIHF’s inability to police them bode poorly for Jiri Hudler’s return to Red Wings.  This is the result you get when one partner is willing to follow the rules and another is not.  Hudler’s ‘loss’ isn’t that significant
  • Snapshots:  NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly’s big lie regarding Red Wings’ back-to-back Cup Finals scheduling beef.  Another example of the NHL putting a positive spin on something.  If there wasn’t any negative complaining, then it means they did something right?  C’mon.
  • In Lou We Trust:  Does Paul Martin have a future as a New Jersey Devil beyond 2010?  How far the former Prime Minister has fallen.  Can’t even keep his job in JerseyOh wait.  Looks like the Devils have or will cut ties with almost all their Stanley cup winning team connections….with the exception of Marty Brodeur, of course.
  • Oilersnation:  Building a tandem.  They need to look to the Minnesota Wild if they are interested in doing this wellHas Dipetro been injured his entire career?  Good thing they signed him to a 10+ yr contract.
  • Lions in Winter:  Canadiens rival report.  A look at the moves made by the team’s Montreal consistently faces.  Has anyone changed as much as Montreal this off season?
  • Flamesnation:  Connecting the dots.  Amazes me what hockey fans will do to pass the time till hockey season begins.  Why not start worrying about possible lines.
  • On Frozen Blog:  Bob Woods and his roll into the NHL.  If you’d like to meet the Caps newest assistant coach, this is a good place for an introduction.
  • The Bruins Blog:  Former Boston Bruins forward Dave Poulin has joined the Toronto Maple Leafs as their new vice president of hockey operations.  Good hire by the Leafs.  No foolin with Poolin.
  • USCHO:  UNH gets two years’ probation for recruiting violations.  ‘Sending 923 impermissible e-mail messages to 30 prospective student-athletes.’  Ouch.  That’s not going to be good for business.  That’s not going to be good for anyone.

2 responses to “Blog Hits: What does it mean when you say someone is ‘a victim of a bad set of circumstances’”

  1. Melanie B says:

    What does it mean? It means that you need others to make excuses for you because you refuse to step up.

  2. Cameron says:

    To recap the Heatley situation;

    – 4th coach in four years
    – The best defensive unit they have are traded for nothing, or allowed to leave for nothing.
    – The latest coach, a rookie, dumps him on the 2nd unit, and cuts his ice-time. Heatley responds by leading the team in goals and is 2nd in points.
    – Heatley seeks to address his concerns privately with mgt. Does not tell his team mates, does not tell the press. Mgt. does nothing.
    – Heatley eventually requests a trade. Does not tell his teammates, does not tell the press. Mgt. does nothing.
    – Ottawa brass leak the trade demand to the press.
    – Ottawa brass try to trade him to a team not on his list.
    – Ottawa brass humiliate the Oilers and their fans by leaking the trade offer acceptance.
    – Ottawa brass damage, likely irreparably, the value they might have received in trade, with these leaks.

    I’d call it the worst mismanagement of a player I’ve ever seen.

    Heatley has not said he won’t play for the Sens. He has not even defended his position in the press. All along, he has simply been quiet, and allowed Ottawa to screw this up about as bad as you can.

    So of course, its all his fault.

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