2010 Stanley Cup Odds

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Every July 1st two significant events occur that people in Canada care about and our neighbors south of the border do not – Canada Day and the free agent frenzy in the NHL. Many quality players found new homes. Some teams improved, other teams lost key components.

Our concern is whether oddsmakers were paying attention to teams’ free agent acquisitions. Specifically, were the odds adjusted to reflect the events of July 1?

No. Not at all.

Originally this article was going to compare the odds before and after July 1, but nothing has changed. Oddsmakers have not adjusted the odds.

Why? The obvious reason is that not many people care about betting on hockey. Even less people care about betting on hockey futures, and even less people care about betting on hockey futures in early July.

Here is the early edition of the 2010 Stanley Cup odds:

Detroit Red Wings       +500   
Pittsburgh Penguins       +600   
San Jose Sharks       +700   
Chicago Blackhawks       +960   
Boston Bruins       +980   
Washington Capitals       +1100   
Philadelphia Flyers       +1600   
New Jersey Devils       +1700   
Vancouver Canucks       +1800   
Calgary Flames       +2000   
Anaheim Mighty Ducks       +2100   
Carolina Hurricanes       +2800   
NY Rangers       +2800   
Montreal Canadians       +3500   
Dallas Stars       +3800   
Minnesota Wild       +3800   
Ottawa Senators       +4000   
Buffalo Sabres       +4500   
Columbus Blue Jackets       +4500   
Edmonton Oilers       +4500   
St. Louis Blues       +4500   
Florida Panthers       +5500   
Los Angeles Kings       +5500   
Nashville Predators       +5500   
Toronto Maple Leafs       +7000   
Colorado Avalanche       +7500   
Tampa Bay Lightning       +7500   
Atlanta Thrashers       +9000   
Phoenix Coyotes       +9000   
NY Islanders       +12500   

What teams greatly improved?  Where is the early value?

4 responses to “2010 Stanley Cup Odds”

  1. Richard says:

    Flyers add Pronger and their odds don’t change. Seems like interesting odds to me.

  2. Ari says:

    Yeah, the Flyers are definitely better, but +1600 may be a fair assessment of their chances WITH Pronger. Also they are +1800 at Bet365. Calgary improves, so does Montreal. If I had one bet to make I would probably take the Habs at +3500.

  3. TheMetalChick says:

    How the hell can they already have odds when you dont even know who the hell is going to be on each team three friggin months from now? Talk about stupid.

  4. Ari says:

    I don’t understand your comment. They know who most of the players on each team will be. For example, you would think Detroit has a better chance at winning the Cup than the Islanders so you would expect the odds would be lower for Detroit.

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