No second hearing in Coyotes case

Posted by Richard Pollock in General NHL,Phoenix Coyotes on June 11, 2009 — 3 Comments

From Paul Waldie of the Globe & Mail:

In a one-sentence notice issued Thursday, Judge Baum said he will make one ruling on all of the issues heard Tuesday.

“The court advised those present that he will not be setting a separate hearing on relocation and fee issue. It will be dealt with in the court’s ruling from the [June 9] hearing,” Judge Baum said.

Read the entire article here.

Judge Baum is trying to speed up this proceess as much as possible…until the appeal process hits and someone else has to deal with this whole situation.

3 responses to “No second hearing in Coyotes case”

  1. Hot_Rod says:

    It would be SO much simpler if Balsillie had just changed his mind a few months ago and decided to move the team to WINNIPEG instead.

    No arena renovations need. (savings: $150 million)
    No “territory infringement fees”: (savings: $100+ million)
    No court case: (savings: ?)

    It’s so frustrating being a hockey fan in Winnipeg when you know we should have an NHL franchise. Instead of Phoenix. And before Hamilton.

    Check out these sites for more:

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  3. Melanie B says:

    Poor Judge Baum. Can’t they all just get along? When will this pain end? Good thing game 7 is tonight.

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