NHL Jumps the Gun

Posted by Kyle Kosior in Uncategorized on June 11, 2009 — 1 Comment

A radio station website reported yesterday that the NHL had Detroit Red Wings “Stanley Cup Champions” gear for sale on the league website. Despite the fact that Pittsburgh’s Game 6 win has forced a seventh and deciding game, the NHL somehow saw fit to release this merchandise for sale.

Honest mistake? Ammunition for the conspiracy theorists? Motivation for the Penguins? An attempt to soothe Detroiters feelings after finding out the President is running the nation’s largest automaker? Sound off in the comments.

  • Johnny B

    It may very well be an honest mistake. Having worked at a college bookstore at a school that won the NCAA basketball championship recently, I have a little knowledge of how championship merchandise works. The NHL is likely to have a large order ready to go the second the last game is over. They will have designed merchandise for both teams, and they’ll call the order in with the winner’s name. We had T-shirts the morning after the championship game. The printer was waiting for the game to be over. If we won, they were working late to make shirts. They have also probably designed merchandise pages for each team so that they can start taking orders as soon as the series is over. Someone probably goofed and made it visible by mistake.