NHL Playoff Morning Papers (Monday Edition): The Red Wings have demonstrated great discipline, Brent Burns recovering well and don’t take the alternate bids for the Coyotes at face value

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Stanley Cup Final

Detroit Red Wings (2) versus Pittsburgh Penguins (4)

Teams that are not in the playoffs

The Coyotes situation

  • Don’t be surprised if Jim Balsillie wins this case, writes Kevin McGran of the Toronto Star.
  • Here are some of the arguments from both sides.
  • Gary Loewen of the Toronto Sun wonders if Bettman will be at Game 6 tomorrow or the court room?
  • Both sides are going back and forth at each other with the case soon to be decided, writes Paul Waldie of the Globe & Mail.
  • Apparently Balsillie’s camp is relying largely on the argument that this case is very similar to the one that saw the Seattle Pilots baseball team move to Milwaukee.
  • Stephen Brunt tells readers to not take the alternate bids for the Coyotes, that would see the team stay in Phoenix, at face value.
  • Anyone interested in purchasing the team, should realize just how much money its lost.
  • Some think Judge Redfield Baum doesn’t want to decide this case, and would obviously much prefer these two sides come to an agreement on their own.

AHL Calder Cup Final

  • A too many men on the ice penalty proved costly for the Manitoba Moose on Sunday, writes Tim Campbell.  Down 3-1 in the series, the next game is win or you’re out, says Mike Keane.

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