Chris Osgood on Team Canada?

Posted by Richard Pollock in General NHL on June 5, 2009 — 5 Comments

From the Canadian Press:

Chris Osgood and Marc-Andre Fleury are the only Canadian goaltenders playing meaningful hockey for the second straight June and neither has previously found his name as part of the Olympic conversation. However, given some difficult playoff performances from Martin Brodeur and Roberto Luongo, both seem like more of a possibility.

At the very least, they will probably be invited to the orientation camp.

Osgood joked earlier this week that he’d be lobbying Yzerman and Red Wings GM Ken Holland at the lake during the off-season. He firmly believes he’s up to the task.

“Could I do it? Oh, for sure I could do it,” said Osgood. “I could play there. I think I have the mental makeup and I think I’m skilled enough to play there. But whether or not that happens, I have no idea. I’d have to have a better regular season in the first half than I obviously did this year. …

“If I’m there or not, it’s great just to be mentioned and to be considered.”

Last month, The Canadian Press had Brodeur, Luongo and Cam Ward as its three goalies for the 2010 team. We’ve chosen to sub in Osgood as the third man and would now rate Fleury above Ward in the pecking order after beating him in a head-to-head playoff matchup.

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First off, I think it is amazing how much attention the topic of the third goalie on the Canadian Olympic team is getting.  I mean, this guy has about a 2% chance of seeing any game action.  Anyhow, I can’t say I agree with this at all.  Give Osgood credit, he has played very, very well in the playoffs; that said, he is not the third best goaltender from Canada.  Marc-Andre Fleury and Cam Ward are better netminders than Osgood and if you put either of them on Detroit, I’m sure you could argue they’d be champions too.  With all respect to Osgood, he should not be invited to this summer’s camp. 

5 responses to “Chris Osgood on Team Canada?”

  1. Drew says:

    I have no problems with inviting him to the orientation camp. He has probably earned that much. He won’t be on Team Canada and I think everyone knows that.

  2. Missourimike says:

    He deserves an invite.

  3. Dave B says:

    I’m not even a Detroit fan but Osgood is perhaps the most underrated goalie in the league. granted he’s had his ups and downs, but when other goalies have come and gone, (Jim Carey anyone?) osgood has always been a force. I’m not saying that he should be the number three but he for sure deserves a call for the camp. He’s won three cups and I know people say that his teams were good and so he wasn’t, but ken dryden’s teams were also the best, and he is still revered as one of the greats.

  4. Richard says:

    Disagree with all of you. How many goalies should they be bringing to camp? If we say four, I just don’t believe he is one of the top four Canadian goaltenders in the world. I mean, even this season, he was particularly poor for a long stretch of time during the regular season. Consistency is not his best asset and this is a short and intense series of games, where the difference in talent level isn’t as wide as say Detroit/Columbus.

  5. david says:

    Look at what he’s done when he wasn’t on Detroit.

    When Osgood went to the Islanders in the summer of 2001, the Islanders were coming off a stretch of not making the playoffs for the previous 7 years and finished the 2000-01 season with 52 points. The year Osgood played they had 96 points and lost in a 7 game series to a pretty good Leafs team in the Conference Quarter finals. (he played in 66 games and won 32/tied 6 and played all 7 playoff games).

    His level of play didn’t diminish in St. Louis either where in the 2003-04 season he played 67 games for the Blues won 31 and tied 8. But it is important to note that while the Blues didn’t finish with as many points as they had the previous season (from 99 to 91) they scored approximately 60 less goal and gave up about 25 less goals than they had the previous year.

    Do I think he should be the #3? Not sure to not really. The fact is that you’ve already got Veterans with Brodeur and Luongo. Need some young blood to be the 3rd guy and get that experience. As Richard says 3rd guy isn’t getting into any games anyways. Best bet is to go with a Cam Ward or Marc-Andre Fleury.

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