Lemieux says Crosby better at 21 than he was

Posted by David Minuk in News You Can Use on June 3, 2009 — 2 Comments

From TSN.ca:

Mario Lemieux had some high praise for Sidney Crosby.

“He’s a special kid,” Lemieux said Saturday night. “He’s a better player than I was at the same age, for sure. Some of the things that he does on the ice, his strength, skating ability is incredible. His passion for the game and his will to be the best each and every shift.

I was perusing TSN and although this article is a few days old it got me thinking that this is pretty high praise from one of the greatest players the game has ever seen. 

The regular season numbers look like this:

Mario Lemieux

Sidney Crosby

Year GP G A Pts PPG Year GP G A Pts PPG
1 73 43 57 100 1.37 1 81 39 63 102 1.26
2 79 48 93 141 1.78 2 79 36 84 120 1.52
3 63 54 53 107 1.70 3 53 24 48 72 1.36
4 77 70 98 168 2.18 4 77 33 70 103 1.34

Now we are comparing the high scoring 1980’s which only had 21 teams with the more constricted 2000’s and 30 teams.  Its also difficult to compare them because the styles of both guys are so different.

So why don’t you be the judge.  Here are the Top 10 Goals of each player.  Which is better? 

Mario Lemieux

Sidney Crosby

  • penguinsfan

    This is tough one, although I agree with you david that they are two different typs of players. I think more Gretzky when I think Crosby. Lemieux was a bull.

  • breakaway

    I knew Lemieux’s #1 would be the one he scored against Minnesota. Such a great goal. Not sure I agree with #2. Its a classic goal but is it a great goal? I’m not sure. The goal he scored when he put the puck thru Bourques legs was nicer. But perhaps thats just splitting hairs.