Shouldn’t Balsillie own the team first?

Posted by Richard Pollock in General NHL on May 29, 2009 — 10 Comments

From TSN:

Jim Balsillie has announced the renovation plans for Hamilton’s Copps Coliseum.

The project would see the arena updated with fan friendly features, new restaurants, food and bar amenities and a capacity for over 18,000. According to a media release, the update would also fully address all of the National Hockey League’s previously stated requirements for Copps Coliseum.

via tsn. Photo: Veritas Communications

“A new team for the best new hockey market deserves spectacular new home ice, and that’s exactly what the upgraded Copps Coliseum would offer,” said Balsillie in the release. “This facility will deliver unparalleled excitement and bring fans closer than ever to the action.”

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Has anyone ever put the cart this far before the horse before? Honestly.  If Balsillie wins the case and it isn’t overturned on appeal, then he can announce these plans.  But, c’mon, this is way, way too early.

10 responses to “Shouldn’t Balsillie own the team first?”

  1. Melanie B says:

    While his attempt at being Robin Hood is noble I agree that he is being stupid. I can understand why he would do these things in advance but do them quietly. No need for big announcements.

  2. penguinsfan says:

    I’m with Scary Spice (lol, sorry couldn’t resist) that Balsillie is an iddiot. How does he keep doing this?

    I understand his desire but why keep banging the NHL’s head against the wall? This is no way to get into the old boys club.

  3. Top Cat Blues says:

    Anyone can announce plans to do anything. Talk is cheap, you know? Idiot? Shouldn’t that be Billionaire Three Times Over Idiot? Remember you said there was no way in when he is.

  4. penguinsfan says:

    I didn’t mean he is an stupid person. Clearly he is an accomplished, intelligent individual. Which is why I cannot understand why he has gone about things in this manner.

  5. Top Cat Blues says:

    An idiot who is clearly an accomplished, intelligent individual?

  6. penguinsfan says:

    Are smart, accomplished people incapable of stupid actions?

  7. Top Cat Blues says:

    Duh rhetorical question. Read the first line of your 3:27 comment. Ignore the spelling. You need to say he has done something stupid, not he is an idiot. OK?

  8. goon says:

    You have to wonder what the chances are of Jim Balsillie ever getting a teams it would appear that the NHL is dead set against him getting the Yotes. Balsille also seems very brasen and bold almost thumbing Betteman in the eye with his statements and actions.

  9. Jen M says:

    Not sure what the old building looked like in Hamilton but the new proposed one sure looks great.

  10. breakaway says:

    I think that the proverbial cart is well before the Horse, which wouldn’t be that big a deal if this was the first time but this is Mr. Balsillie’s 3rd kick at the can.

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