Pens vs. Wings – The Great Debate

Posted by Ari in Frozen Assets on May 29, 2009 — 2 Comments

Yesterday on Covers, Ari debated Covers expert Dustin Neilson about who will take home the Stanley Cup.

The NHL playoffs are finally down to two teams. If this situation seems familiar it’s because the Red Wings and Penguins faced each other in last year’s Stanley Cup finals.

Our hockey experts, Ari Baum-Cohen and Dustin Nielson, go toe-to-toe in this rematch and give reasons why their pick will hoist one of sports’ most fabled trophies when it’s all said and done.

(Baum-Cohen) – Three reasons why the Pittsburgh Penguins win the Stanley Cup:

Two teams, one season

On February 16, the Pens were 27-25-5 and had just gotten blown out by the Toronto Maple Leafs. Farewell Michel Therrien, hello Dan Bylsma. Under Bylsma, the former coach of Pittsburgh’s AHL team, the Pens finished the season on an 18-3-4 run. The return of Sergei Gonchar around this time can also not be underestimated. The Pens improved their play in each playoff series and looked unstoppable in their sweep of the Canes.

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  • penguinsfan

    Seems like the majority of commenters on your article are feeling the Pens and I agree. Good piece.

    And to the guy who wrote that the Pens won’t win cause Crosby touched the Prince of Wales trophy you might want to go back to 1992 when Mario did the same thing, and how did that work out for the Pens? Oh ya, they won the Cup.

  • Top Cat Blues

    Put your main money on the Penguins in 5. Save a little poke and put it on the Penguins in 4. Anyone bet on them sweeping the Hurricanes? I said in 5 that time. Close. Take no shutouts in the series. Take under except in game four. Thank me later.