Viktor Kozlov to the KHL too?

Posted by Richard Pollock in Washington Capitals on May 26, 2009 — 3 Comments

From TSN:

The Washington Capitals could be losing another player to the Kontinental Hockey League.

RDS is reporting that forward Viktor Kozlov has signed a deal to play with Salavat of the KHL for next season. Details of the contract were not reported.

Read report here.

I have to be honest, the names here (Kozlov and Fedorov) have far more cache than the players are actually worth at this point in time.  Fedorov is not the player he used to be and that has been apparent for the past few seasons considering his inconsistent play and inability to crack the scoresheet even while playing with talented offensive players.  As for Kozlov, he’s the epitome of untapped potential.  He played alongside many of the Capitals’ talented offensive players this season and did not exactly make himself an offesnive weapon.  It is easy to fall in love with Kozlov’s skills, adept passing, tremendous stick-handling and a great shot, but once you get past those skills, you realize the output doesn’t live up to the skill-set.  If these reports prove to be true, the Capitals won’t miss these two players as much as some may think.

3 responses to “Viktor Kozlov to the KHL too?”

  1. breakaway says:

    All skill and no finish. No big loss for the Caps.

  2. ladders11 says:

    Viktor Kozlov, a 15 year veteran, never scored a playoff goal before this year. Everyone knew he was a defensive liability and he was generally a minus player despite playing on the PP and not the PK.

    Fedorov, on the other hand, deserves more credit than he gets for the Wings’ cups. It was really Fedorov and not Yzerman who sacrificed more points for team defense and winning.

  3. Calihockey says:

    Aside from one season (1999/00 – 70 points) his numbers have been pretty average. Let them enjoy him in Russia.

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