On the Beat: Chris Osgood can only dream about the Penguins

Posted by Richard Pollock in Anaheim Ducks,Carolina Hurricanes,Edmonton Oilers,On the Beat,Pittsburgh Penguins,Washington Capitals on May 26, 2009 — 3 Comments

What team beat writers are saying early this afternoon:

Playoff teams:

  • The Hurricanes have been looking in the mirror the past couple days.  They can look all they want, but this series is over. 
  • Chris Osgood hasn’t had a chance to watch the other series going on because the team hotel doesn’t have VersusJust what the NHL wants to hear…
  • Disappointing that Osgood has missed it, because the Penguins have been putting on quite an offensive showCrosby/Malkin, Malkin/Crosby, Crosby/Malkin, Malkin/Crosby.

Non-playoff teams:

  • Curtis Zupke asks Ducks fans if the team should re-sign James Wisniewski.  I think they absolutely should and will.  Wisniewski played well for the Ducks down the stretch, can move the puck well, plays bigger than his 5’11 frame and is the team’s only offensive blueliner that shoots from the right side. 
  • The Oilers have called a news conferenceNo word yet what it is about.
  • Apparently the Sergei Fedorov to the KHL deal isn’t done yet.   Rest assured, the Capitals will not be offering him anywhere close to that amount of money–and rightfully so.  If it is about the money, then Fedorov is going to play in the KHL next season.

Update: On Oilers major news conference from Allan Maki of the Globe & Mail.  Click here for more details.

Update 2: See story above.  Props to reader Curtis from Crash the Crease for calling this story in the comments section.

  • The Oilers are reported to be announcing the hiring of Pat Quinn and Tom Renney as head coach.. Outside shot of Crawford instead of Quinn but I’d put it as 25%.

  • Too funny that the Wings can’t see the Pens/Hurricanes series.

  • TheMetalChick

    “Chris Osgood hasn’t had a chance to watch the other series going on because the team hotel doesn’t have Versus. Just what the NHL wants to hear…”
    LOL!!!!! That is hysterical.