Calgary Flames News: Sutter to look, but says he’s best man to coach Flames

Posted by David Minuk in General NHL,News You Can Use on May 26, 2009 — 8 Comments


Darryl Sutter says he’s the best man right now to coach the Calgary Flames, but he’s looking at other candidates before he makes his final decision.

Four days after the Flames announced the firing of Mike Keenan, Calgary’s general manager told reporters he wants to have a new head coach in place by the NHL entry draft June 26-27 in Montreal.

“Right now I’m the best one,” Sutter said when asked when he was in the running for the head-coaching job.

“All the best coaches in the league are under contract.

“There’s three guys who are excellent. I won’t tell you who they are, but then I’m fourth.

“If I find out at the end of the search that I think I’m the best candidate, then I am the coach.”

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Not wanting to let his Provincial rivals get all the media attention, the Flames held a press conference in which Darryl Sutter disclosed nothing really aside from the fact that he feels he would be the best candidate to coach the Flames if he was unable to get the 3 other guys he considers worthwhile.  I’d be curious to know who the three on his radar are (Aside from his brother Brent).

Any thoughts as to who the two remaining qualified candidates are?  Sound off in the comments if you think you know.

  • Mike Babcock is obviously one. I think it is noteworthy that the same staff won’t be in place next season. Jim Playfair and Rich Preston have been with Sutter dating back to San Jose.

  • Playfair has been offered the coaching job with the Flames’ new AHL affiliate in Abbotsford, B.C.

  • breakaway

    No chance Babcock leaves Detroit. That isn’t to say I disagree with your thought Richard, that Sutter is thinking of Babcock, but I just cannot see Mike leaving the situation he has in Detroit.

  • Missourimike

    How about Tony Granato……I hear he will be available soon enough.

  • Playfair being offered that job is a demotion because he coached the Flames’ AHL affiliate before moving up to coach the big club (I believe to the Calder Cup Finals–if not the title)

  • As for Babcock, he’s probably thinking of him, but so are the other 29 GMs in the NHL. Babcock isn’t going anywhere, although I heard Jeremy Roenick is petitioning for him to coach Team USA in 2010…

  • haha. I heard the same thing. But to echo what’s already been said, there is 0 chance of Babcock leaving. He has a legit chance to win every year with the Wings. Now I like the Flames but it just isn’t the same situation.

  • Slapshot

    Perhaps Sutter really is the best guy for the job?