NHL Playoff Morning Papers (Friday Edition): Jeremy Roenick claims Mike Babcock doesn’t like Chris Chelios, the Malkin show and reaction to the Chuck Fletcher hire in Minnesota

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3rd Round Playoff Matchups

Eastern Conference

Pittsburgh Penguins (4) versus Carolina Hurricanes (6)

Western Conference

Detroit Red Wings (2) versus Chicago Blackhawks (4)

Teams that are not in the playoffs:

  • Should we take Todd Richards’ name off the list of possible candidates to coach the Oilers next season?
  • Phil Kessel is expected to be out of commission for 4-6 months after undergoing successful shoulder surgery.
  • Andy Vuong of the Denver Post thinks the Avalanche are going about their next coaching hire the wrong way.  Staying in Denver, Adrian Dater reminds us that greatness on the ice is certainly not a guarantee of success behind the bench.
  • Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune says the Wild made a good choice for GM.  Sid Hartman says the Wild got its first choice, a much better deal than the Timberwolves were able to pull off.  Chuck Fletcher is a tremendously qualified candidate, writes Michael Russo.  Here is his portfolio.  (Writer’s note: This really is a great hire.  I thought Fletcher probably should have been considered the favorite from the outset because of his vast experience in so many different areas.  Look for Fletcher to do a great job in the land of 10,000 lakes.)
  • Niclas Havelid isn’t playing in the NHL next season.

The Coyotes situation:

  • Randy Turner of the Winnipeg Free Press wants Jim Balsillie to be a little bit more honest about his dream of a seventh franchise in Canada.
  • Some NY Senators oppose the Coyotes relocation to Southern Ontario.
  • What about the Coyotes’ lease?

The AHL playoffs:

  • Transcript of Granato’s introduction as Head Coach:

    Tony, how are you going to approach this differently, now? Secondly, what is your philosophy? Finally, people might say they fired you the first time, why won’t they fire him a second time?

    Granato: “A change in position was the right thing. If you remember back a few years ago, our assistant coach Rick Tocchet left for another organization. We had an opportunity where we needed somebody behind the bench. I sat down with Pierre Lacroix and we thought the best thing for the organization at that time was to find the best coach available, regardless of the position. It was my decision to go along with Pierre that we need to bring in Joel Quenneville. The words ‘fired’ are pretty strong. A change in positions. Being behind the bench for six years, I know this team very well. I know what it takes to motivate the players here. I love the way this team is being built and I’m excited for this opportunity. As far as philosophies go, I’m going to be myself, the same guy I always was. I’m going to allow the players to be the best players that they can be. I’m going to provide the environment that allows them to do this. As far as system goes and all that, we’ll present a system that allows these guys to show their talents and hopefully have career years.

    For complete transcpit, click here.

  • with Kessel being an RFA and being out for so long, do you think his days as a B are numbered?

  • I know there is some talk of that but I don’t see it. This day and age, I think that you really need to keep young talent like Kessel. I feel like the Bruins will cut salary in other places (Patrice Bergeron maybe?).

  • Slapshot

    When the Wings win the cup, Babcock will be able to say “I cannot really hear what Jeremy says because I’ve got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ear.”

  • Danielle James

    Some Penguin player had three assists last night and it wasn’t Sidney Crosby. Anyone notice that? Some Carolina player received a match penalty, i.e. intent to injure. Will there be another overuling of on ice officials? Someone will know if there’s ever been a team in one playoff year that had two automatics suspensions voided by the league if the league does step in again. I bet they won’t.