Eastern Conference Finals Game 2: Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Carolina Hurricanes

Posted by David Minuk in Nightly Scores on May 21, 2009 — 24 Comments


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Game Notes:
1st Star:  Evgeni Malkin.  I’m not sure if you remember this picture that IC put out during the 2nd round looking for the missing superstar but he has been re-discovered and has been fantastic in the 3rd Round.  He finished tonight’s game with 3 goals and 1 assist.

Illegalcurve Trivia:
Heard this yesterday and thought I would test IC readers knowledge of obscure hockey facts.

Question: Which two NHL players use the Börje Salming curve on their sticks?

Hint 1: Both players play in the Western Conference.
Hint 2: One player is a Swede like Salming and the other is an American.
Hint 3: The Swede is still playing in Round 3 and the American was knocked out in Round 1.

Ongoing Phoenix Saga Daily Tidbit:

From NHL.com

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman spoke passionately on his weekly radio show Thursday about how the League’s case involving the Phoenix Coyotes and BlackBerry magnate Jim Balsillie is solely about the rules and regulations and has nothing to do with the city of Hamilton, Ont.

“This is about League rules and every sports league has got to have them,” Bettman said on the “NHL Hour on Sirius/XM radio” (streamed every Thursday on NHL.com, 3 ET). “The two most important issues for any sports league is who owns your franchises and where they are located. Anybody suggesting the issue is beyond that doesn’t understand the way leagues work and doesn’t understand me, quite frankly. Efforts to vilify the league or me are silly. It doesn’t have any impact.”

For complete story, click here.

  • Missourimike

    Swede: Holmstrom
    American: Umberger

  • Calihockey

    Swede – Zetterberg
    American – Nystrom

  • All wrong so far. Keep guessing.

  • Simon Hjalmarsson and David Backes?

  • Make that Niklas Hjalmarsson not Simon lol.

  • Nope on both. Keep trying.

  • Missourimike

    Swede: Pahlsson
    American: Boll

  • Slapshot

    Ericsson – Sweden
    Moss – US

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  • Still wrong. This is proving to be some good trivia.

  • breakaway

    Malkin’s play tonight was sick. Ward’s never lost a Game 2 but the boys from Pitt made sure he lost tonight.

    Red Wings vs. Penguins Finals Re-match.

  • Slapshot

    Lilja – Sweden
    Sestito – US

  • The game continues as both Slapshot’s answers are wrong. If nobody guesses by tonight’s Wings/Hawks game I will post the answer.

  • Lidstrom and Roenick?

  • Calihockey

    Swede – Franzen
    American – Winchester

  • Still wrong. Narrowing the field.

  • Kronwall and Oshie?

  • Danielle James

    Franzen and I have no idea.

  • Everyone is still wrong. And Danielle, Cali guessed Franzen.

    Try again.

  • Ericsson and Pavelski?

  • Danielle James

    Laurel and Hardy, and that’s my final answer. I have no idea obviously. Where do you get this stuff? And why? Is Kyle the only IC guy brave enough to answer?

  • Sparkasouras

    Samuelsson and Crombeen?

  • Nope. Crash – Ericsson was picked by Slapshot.

    And while I think laurel and hardy are good times I’m not sure either used the Salming curve.

  • We have a 1/2 Winner: Sparkasouras was able to correctly name Samuelsson. So now that we know which Swede uses the blade, which American does?