On the Beat: Brian Campbell under fire

Posted by Richard Pollock in Anaheim Ducks,Boston Bruins,Chicago Blackhawks,New York Islanders,On the Beat,Pittsburgh Penguins on May 20, 2009 — 1 Comment

What team beat writers are saying this afternoon:

Playoff teams

  • Brian Campbell is getting roasted this morning.  I still don’t understand how Campbell can say that he would make the same move on the ice again?  It was a poor decision and led to the game-winning goal?  Maybe he’s just stubborn.
  • The Penguins have been getting a lot of goal production from their defense.  Teams continually collapse around the net, so if you can find your pointmen and they can get their shots through, you are in business.

Non-playoff teams

  • Randy Carlyle wants Bobby Ryan to continue his off-season training progress he began last year.  Ryan became a real force this season and looks like he may develop quickly enough to be on Team USA 2010.
  • Milan Lucic would not use his team’s long layoff as an excuse.  I can’t see how that hurts the Bruins.  They were well rested after beating a poor Habs team, had some time off and then played a team that had played a fast and hard seven game series.  Great teams win that Round 2 series, so the Bruins still have some work to do to get to that next level.
  • Some Islanders draft talk with Greg Logan.  If the Islanders don’t want Tavares or Hedman (which I strongly doubt) then they’d be best to trade into the three slot and make a move with Colorado if the Avalanche is interested.

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  1. Danielle James says:

    Or maybe Brian Campbell is an NHL hockey player. Those types are maybe a bit less known for being superstituous than they are for pushing the limits and gambling. I’ll gamble that had his pass attempt got him the first or second assist on the overtime winner the comments on it would be mild to invisible. He took a chance. Sort of like a “high risk, high reward” or “nothing ventured, nothing gained” type of thing, you know? You and those who are so critical must never have taken a chance I guess there Richard. Maybe you ARE an accountant after all.

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