NHL Playoff Morning Papers (Monday Edition): Chicago’s approach to scoring on Luongo, Wings hoping Getzlaf tires, Malkin says he will be better and McGuire interviewing with Wild

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2nd Round Playoff Matchups

Eastern Conference

Boston Bruins (1) versus Carolina Hurricanes (6)

Washington Capitals (2) versus Pittsburgh Penguins (4)

Western Conference

Detroit Red Wings (2) versus Anaheim Ducks (8)

Vancouver Canucks (3) versus Chicago Blackhawks (4)

Teams that have been eliminated from the playoffs:

  • Is Ray Emery going to sign with Philadelphia?  The link is broken on the Ottawa Citizen page but that’s the headline.

Teams that did not make the playoffs:

  • The Denver Post’s Adrian Dater already crowns the Red Wings with the 2009 championship.  (Writer’s note: I remember Dater picking Anaheim for the Finals, and then came upon his blog entry from last night admitting such.)
  • Damien Cox talks about the possibility of Pierre McGuire being hired by the Minnesota Wild.
  • Chris Zelkovich says having a broadcaster stand between the benches has been a great move by NBC.
  • I agree with Zelkovich that it was a great move by NBC. Unfortunately a not so great move was the decision to air the PGA Players Tourny next weekend instead of any hockey games.

  • I don’t blame NBC for that. Golf ratings far far exceed the NHL’s ratings. I blame for the NHL for not mandating in their contract with NBC (possibly written on a cracker) that NBC is required to air a playoff game each and every weekend. The last “no money” broadcasting contract NBC had was with the Arena Football League. Is the NHL that far behind in being off of national television in the US?

  • Good point Drew. That NBC is airing what it knows will be a bigger ratings earner is a no brainer. The NHL not getting that into the contract makes you wonder just how much bargaining power they had while negotiating the contract.

    NBC to NHL: Ok here’s the deal.
    NHL to NBC: I’ll take it.

    Very reminiscent of the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer accepts the offer for a lifetime’s supply of Coffee without ever hearing what came after the ‘but’.

    I’m sure in both cases Jackie Childs was disgusted.

  • Missourimike

    Question: Who do you like better in-between the benches? Darren Pang or Pierre McGuire?

    Or perhaps the question should be, who would you less like to see get hit by an errant puck?

    If that’s the question I would say Pang, although as a former goalie he could likely stop it better than Pierre.

  • I have to tell you Missouri Mike, that’s like asking what do you prefer more, Chlamydia or Syphilis.

  • Calihockey

    Hiller is a beast. He could be the biblical David who knocks off Goliath. Without his play the Wings would be winning the series 2-0.